How He Turned an Old Flatbed Truck Into a Cozy DIY Camper Home

by Simplify

Rory’s DIY camper allows him to live in comfort while traveling wherever he wants to go.

After researching different options, Rory decided to build his own DIY camper and attached it to a flatbed truck. He loves driving his 14-foot flatbed truck, which has wide windows that provide great visibility. Because he made his camper trailer, he was able to make it bigger than the average trailer and to custom-design it to fit his needs.

The DIY camper sits on a flatbed truck

The trailer is equipped with 42 gallons of fresh water and a 42-gallon greywater system and has a propane water heater that allows for hot showers. In addition, Rory will heat up the shower area for ten or fifteen minutes before showering, so that the air around him is warm as well.

Rory eats most of his meals in and does his own cooking, so he paid a lot of attention to the design of the kitchen. His DIY camper van has a 2 burner gas countertop and 1 burner induction, allowing for plenty of cooking. He also has a large sink, and lots of pantry storage, as well as space below his pantry shelves, to hang his pots and pans when the van is parked.

There's a Maxxair vent to allow for good ventilation when Rory cooks, and he will often pop open the window to allow for a cross-breeze. The kitchen also has a normal mini-fridge that allows Rory to go for up to a week without buying groceries.

The other thing that was important to Rory was office space: He has a built-in wooden office nook that he climbs into, that has a workbench and a desk for his computer, with under desk storage. This allows him to have his own work zone that is separate from his cooking and dining areas.

Rory also has a skylight over his loft bed that creates a great cross breeze and natural light; a curtain can be used to cover it when he wants darkness and he adds foam insulation to the skylight during the winter.

DIY camper

Rory’s main message for people considering a DIY camper lifestyle is to just do it and learn through experience; he is enjoying life on his comfortable trailer that he built with his own two hands.

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  • Chris Chris on Nov 03, 2023

    brilliant,comprehensive design,the best use of space I've seen yet.Who wouldn't want a home like that to take on the road?

  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Nov 03, 2023

    Very impressive!!! Can't believe the underbed storage drawer either!!! Amazing ideas!!!