Discover Life on the Road With This Cool Minibus Home Tour

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Elena says the whole lifestyle of living with less and enjoying nature more is what really piqued her interest and made her want to move into a minibus home in the first place. So, with the help of both her father and her partner, she completed a minibus home conversion that she’s really proud of. And while it certainly looks clean and tidy, it manages to feel warm and cozy at the exact same time.

They converted an old minibus into a tiny home

When first stepping inside, this minibus turned into a home is noticeably big on storage. Elena’s minibus conversion included building plenty of custom cabinets to take full advantage of the kitchen space they had available. So now, they can fit things like dishes, cookware, food, cleaning products, towels, a bin, and a collapsible dish strainer right inside the cabinets easily.

Living in a minibus is also convenient thanks to the filtered water tank, large refrigerator and freezer, induction cooktop, and solar panels they had installed.

Elena’s minibus home was designed to maximize living space with an elevated bed, a swiveling dining table, and an L-shaped couch with additional storage underneath. To keep things cool during the day, they also have several mini fans strategically placed throughout their minibus home.

Surprisingly enough, they even have room to store weights, paddle boards, a beach umbrella, and camping seats in the outdoor cubby Elena calls their garage. And a barn-style door slides in front of the toilet and shower area to help Elena and her partner maintain their privacy. Plus, they even have a dedicated space for a small wardrobe.

Minibus home tour

With three comfortable seats up front, this six-gear, turbo diesel minibus home makes the perfect accommodations for Elena and her partner as they travel throughout Australia.

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