They Run a Charity From Their Ford Transit Wheelchair Van Conversion

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Tanya and Derec are showing other people with disabilities that traveling in a van can be a good option, with their Ford Transit wheelchair van conversion.

Derec was skeptical at first but is now grateful that Tanya convinced him to travel. They have started a charitable foundation named Just Roll With It. which helps pay for handicap accessibility van equipment for those who want to adopt the van life but can’t afford their own wheelchair van conversion.

Derec uses a wheelchair and Tanya suffers from neurological issues, but they don’t let that stop them from traveling.

They made modifications to the van, such as lowering the bed to make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair, adding a chair lift to get Derec in and out of the van, and using hand controls for driving since Derec can’t use his legs.

They were able to get funding for the equipment for their DIY wheelchair van conversion from the VA.

The van is equipped with a 12-gallon graywater tank and a 20-gallon freshwater tank (which is stored beneath the bed). The bathroom features a port-a-potty and a portable shower. A small fridge fits beneath the bed and a 200-watt solar panel provides some electricity, though electricity and water hookups that can be used when they’re camped at an RV park.

The van has been adapted to Derec's wheelchair

Ford Transit wheelchair van conversion

Tanya and Derec hope that their story inspires others. They say not to take anything—especially health—for granted, and to go out and do what you love to do now, because you never know what the future holds. They urge others with disabilities to find ways to travel and to enjoy nature and the sunshine, which Derec sees as the best medicine.

When they were embarking on their Ford Transit wheelchair van conversion, they didn’t see a lot of people in wheelchairs who were living the van life, so they want to be role models for others.

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