His DIY Box Truck Home is Filled With Tools & Hardware

by Simplify

Paul lived in the Pittsburgh area but found that despite its large population, the lifestyle there was extremely lonely. So he built a box truck home in order to drive around the continent searching for a different kind of society, where people are friendly and say “hello” to each other when walking down the street.

Paul is a self-described “stuff maniac” whose primary goal for his box truck home conversion was designing a space that could fit all his stuff: hardware, pipes of every size, steel, and more. Paul made paper cutouts of his tools and laid them out in different configurations in order to figure out how to design a box truck mobile home that could fit everything that was important to him.

He now has 65 storage drawers that lock so his tools don’t fall out when he’s driving on the open road. In addition, the floor opens up and has storage underneath. Paul loves to fix and tinker with things, but he also knew that fixing things could be a great way to make money while on the road, adding a practical purpose to all of his unique storage designs.

The truck is custom designed from bumper to bumper. One of Paul’s first actions was to buy jacks so he could lift the truck off of the road and work on it. Panels cover the wheels to give it an RV look but can be held up by magnets if you need wheel access. An external battery can run both AC and DC power and acts as both an inverter and a charger at the same time.

There's plenty of storage for Paul's tools

One of the special things about the truck is its luxurious toilet and bathtub. The toilet is a Dometic electric toilet that flushes. The bathtub has a whirlpool. Paul doesn’t have a graywater tank; instead, he reuses the bathwater by passing it through his triple filtration system, which he cleans with bleach. He also slightly chlorinates the water for hygiene purposes and tests it with a pool strip to make sure it’s clean. If he needs water for drinking, he will drink out of jugs.

Box truck home tour

Paul is really enjoying his box truck home, which allows him to go out on new adventures while taking his favorite tools with him.

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