This Army Truck Camper Conversion Has Such a Cute Interior

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Mike had already built two truck homes by the time he built this army truck camper conversion. His relationship with trucking began when he drove across Africa in a Land Rover. Now, with the conversion of his old army truck, he has created a new home that he can take with him across the globe.

Mike purchased the truck at a military auction for only $18,000 and spent four months finishing his build before moving in. He estimates that the army truck RV conversion came in at just under $100,000.

In this video, Mike takes you on a tour of his truck and shows the ways that he made his conversion work for his travel and lifestyle goals:

The truck is a 1994 Stewart and Stevenson M1078 LMTV (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) and came with only 5,000 miles on it. Mike did very few changes to the actual hardware because that can create problems down the road. Instead, he focused renovation efforts on the inside.

There were four things that were important to Mike:

1. Kitchen

The truck’s interior is equipped with a proper kitchen that includes a burner top and oven. For food and dish storage, Mike has magnetized cabinets reinforced with bungee cords to prevent things from rattling around when the old army truck is driving rough terrain.

There’s also a double ceramic sink where the water is filtered through an Acuva UV-led water filtration system. Under the sink, there is a domestic fridge and freezer, with a separate domestic fridge in the cab just for drinks.

2. Full-size shower

Mike has a shower room next to his bedroom, equipped with a full-size shower. There is also a separate toilet room for a cassette toilet.

3. Bed that doesn’t need to be pulled out

Mike added a bump out to the truck as a bedroom, allowing him to have his own bed that doesn’t need to be folded away during the day.

4. Place to work

Mike makes videos and teaches people about travel and travel-related logistics and safety, so having proper computer space is essential. He has a mounted computer and a fold-out kitchen table for workspaces.

Military trucks on the road

Army truck camper conversion

This creative army truck camper conversion makes intelligent use of space and design. Mike is showing the world that truck living can be a great way to travel across the globe.

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