This Ambulance Camper Conversion Has a Beautiful & Spacious Interior

by Simplify

Paula’s ambulance camper conversion allows her to turn empty-nesting into a travel adventure.

The DIY ambulance conversion took advantage of many of the ambulance’s pre-existing features, such as its sliding and lifting-top cabinets, which Paula turned into storage for her clothing and personal belongings.

Turning an ambulance into a camper

However, making the ambulance habitable also involved some major renovations to the ambulance camper interior. Paula had to take out the ambulance's electrics, removing around 50-100 pounds of wire, in order to create the area she uses for her bathroom.

Now, the bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet of peat moss, and also has room to use her 12-volt showerhead.

As a Canadian, Paula is concerned about cold weather. Even though the ambulance camper came with its own insulation, she added more insulation to the roof and walls, as well as a panel to cover it. The panel only cost around 60 dollars, making it a cost-efficient way to cover the insulation.

Paula credits YouTube videos and her brother for inspiring her to undertake this ambulance camper conversion. She first had the idea over Christmas, when she watched YouTube videos about van life—much like the one she herself now stars in!

Paula had never driven a vehicle so big nor had she driven anything diesel by herself. However, she learned to master the steering wheel, and recently drove her ambulance over 3,000 kilometers of rough terrain without a problem.

Ambulance camper conversion

Paula believes that when you put your mind to it, you will find the budget and tools to make things work, and wishes that she had believed in herself from the start.

When she changed her mindset from second-guessing to saying, “I can learn this”, she was able to master new skills and create a beautiful ambulance camper conversion, which is now taking her to all the places she wants to go to.

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  • BOO BOO BOO BOO on Aug 15, 2022

    great job! lots of luck in your travels

  • AreEmBe AreEmBe on Aug 15, 2022

    lol ... from Vancouver Island here, let me say, to dispel the myths that all of Canada is "The Frozen North", -47C is damned cold, but it's not for months on end! All of Canada warms up (too warm, these days), and some of Canada (like here on the west coast) rarely sees freezing temps. :-)