This DIY ProMaster Camper Van Proves Cats & Van Life Go Hand in Hand

by Simplify

Savannah knew that she wanted to travel, but she wasn’t exactly sure how. After she got a cat, things became even more complicated. Her DIY ProMaster camper van, nicknamed Dolly, allows Savannah to travel in comfort while taking her cat, George, on all her adventures; proving that cats and van life can go hand in hand.

The most important feature for Savannah is the bed: She knew she wanted a full-size bed, so she designed her budget van life build around that. The bed takes up most of the space in her ProMaster camper van, and the kitchen is built in the space she had left after fitting the bed inside it. 

The bed is right next to the kitchen, which has an induction stove top for one pot and a bathroom sink, both of which can be covered with removable pine countertop covers to increase counter space if needed. 

The counters are made out of project board that Savannah cut down herself. The sink has a removable underwater tank system that can be removed and filled up. The kitchen also has upper storage space that is latched down to prevent it from moving when the truck is on the road. 

The 12-volt fridge is under Savannah’s bed, and so is the kitty litter box and some extra toys and cat supplies.

Traveling and living in a van

Savannah always dreamed of traveling in a van, but it took a lot of hard work and learning through experience to make her dream a reality. Savannah did most of the transformation of her ProMaster camper van herself, with some help from her dad. 

She watched YouTube videos and taught herself how to build, but she also recognizes that mistakes were made along the way and that part of this DIY remodel involved trial and error. However, looking at her handiwork, Savannah loves it because she created it and knows how much hard work went into it, and because it reminds her of what she is capable of. 

Savannah’s cat seems to be having a good time too; van life with a cat is proving to be the right choice for this intrepid duo.

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