This Cute Train Car Tiny Home Was Made Using a WW2 Railway Carriage

by Simplify

Dan and Annabel’s tiny home in Colorado was once a WW2 train car. They decided to use their train car tiny home to create an artistic oasis in the woods, drawing on their backgrounds as artists who wanted to create something beautiful together.

Their goal was to design a home that felt magical, starting with the garden and outdoor space, and continuing with the train car itself, which maintains certain decor touches that keep its history alive.

In this video, Dan and Annabel share their story and tips for how to make a tiny house with a train car:

They raised the roof in order to close its windows for privacy, while still letting in light and air. The raised roof gives an added feeling of space and creates ventilation while letting in sunlight and a view of the treetops, making you feel like you’re sleeping in the forest.

The raised roof also has hanging lamps with potted plants, creating a greenhouse vibe. In the winter, they plan on putting a glass roof beneath the roof windows so that they can heat the home more easily.

Old train car

Dan and Annabel wanted to decorate in a way that honored this train car’s history. For example, they aged and roughed up the wood to give it an old-timey feel and went with railcar paneling in a boxcar style. They installed a tin ceiling modeled on old hotel ceilings, made out of reused materials, some of which came from a prison in Nebraska!

There’s a glass bottle light panel made from vintage glass bottles from airlines in the 1950s and 1960s. An LED light behind the panel illuminates it, while a curtain over softens the light.

The vintage feel continues in the bathroom, which has a faux fireplace that acts as a medicine cabinet and illuminates the room. Mermaid scales, a mirrored ceiling, and a shell chandelier reflected in the mirror make the bathroom feel extremely luxurious, especially with its flushing toilet (which is emptied into a septic tank) and bathtub.

Train car tiny home

Together, Dan and Annabel are showing how a tiny train home can be an artistic project with truly magical results.

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  • Marilynn Love Marilynn Love on Jul 14, 2022

    How did they find the location? Do they own the property where the carriage sits?

  • Eve Eve on Oct 05, 2022

    How did you transport it to the location in the park ?

    did you remove wheels for train track and put wheels on it ?

    I have always wanted a unique home , even thought about a airplane. I think I like the train car better .

    Thank you so much .