Finally! A Spacious Tiny Home For Tall People

by Simplify

Do you love tiny homes but dread the low ceilings? If so, this spacious tiny home in New Zealand is for you. With high ceilings that create a feeling of roominess and luxury, this spacious tiny house is a dream come true.

In this video, Angus takes you on a tour of his spacious tiny house on wheels:

The small dining area on the main floor feels light and airy, located in the center of the room, away from the lofts. It can seat 2-4 people, with a table that can decrease in size if you want more space.

The full-size kitchen has a bamboo finish and includes plenty of storage, plus gas hobs and a gas oven.

This off-grid tiny home runs on 5 kilowatts of solar power, which supply all of its needs. It has a large bathroom with a full-size shower and a flushing toilet hooked up to a septic tank.

The bathroom also includes a vanity cupboard and full-length windows that allow for marvelous country views, though Angus acknowledges that they might have to frost the windows if they move this spacious tiny house on wheels to a more crowded location!

Building plans for a tiny home

The transport of this spacious tiny home proved to be a real challenge for Angus. When it came time to move his home to his desired location, something went wrong with the carting - so Angus decided to move his home himself.

This experience inspired him to start his own tiny home transport company. He now drives tiny homes all across New Zealand.

Spacious tiny home

The highlight of Angus’s moveable tiny home is its two lofts: One loft holds a dedicated living room, with a comfy couch and a large TV screen—perfect for working on your laptop or watching movies.

The other loft is a bedroom, with large windows that offer stunning views and plenty of cross-breeze. Because of the high ceilings, each loft can easily accommodate a tall person standing in them.

This sense of height adds a feeling of roominess that makes this tiny home feel anything but tiny!

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