This Ph.D. Student Tiny House Makes the Most of Book Space

by Simplify

Lots of students are looking for affordable housing solutions. This student tiny house, shared by blissful newlyweds Emilio and Krysten, is part of a tiny home community in North Carolina.

As Emilio and Krysten are Ph.D. students who fell in love over their passion for literature, they made book space a priority: The stairs act as both seats and bookcases, and they took the guest bed out of the loft to make space for their books too.

An open-air plan with an upstairs sleeping space and a loft for books makes the home feel spacious; it also has room-saving appliances, like a combination washer/dryer.

Book space is the main priority in this tiny house

The only interior door is the bathroom door, which leads to a large bathroom with a full-size tub, a sink and vanity area, and a compost toilet that separates between liquids and solids, which is easy to empty.

The two doors—front and back—allow for a cool cross breeze during the warm North Carolina summer days. The kitchen has ample storage space, but even then, Emilio and Krysten have significantly downsized their kitchen equipment, and ask guests to bring their own forks when they come over. 

For Krysten, the downside of this student tiny house is that there is no oven and she likes to bake. However, the home is part of a tiny home community equipped with a main building that has an oven and Krysten goes there to bake sometimes.

A major benefit of living in a tiny home in North Carolina is being surrounded by nature. Emilio feels that the cicada song echoes the love he feels for his wife and loves that he can hear that song right outside their windows. 

The couple often eats their meals outside. The countertop overlooking the patch of grass that is full of banjo frogs in the spring serves as part dining table, part kitchen counter, and part desk; Emilio wrote most of his dissertation in that spot. The couple also loves their tiny home plants and cacti, which bring the feeling of nature into the house.

Student tiny house

Together, this newlywed couple is showing that a student tiny house can be a good choice for people in graduate school, as well as a romantic choice for couples who are looking to build a new life together.

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