This 500-Square-Foot Home Even Features a Grand Piano

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Musician Maria Sofia’s 500-square-foot tiny home is her own private concert hall, where she enjoys playing her grand piano.

She finds the perfect blend of both private and social by living in a tiny home community in Arizona, where she often cooks and eats communal meals with other residents. This also allows Maria Sofia to avoid dedicating much of her 500 square feet of home to cooking and dining space.

As a former chef, she was especially eager to not have her home taken over by kitchen appliances. Her kitchen has a hot water heater and a sink but otherwise remains appliance-free, though she does have a mini-fridge located in her living room.

Her tiny home even features a grand piano

With kitchen and dining space freed up, Maria Sofia is able to create room for the things that matter most to her: her extensive collection of unique teas and her beautiful plants, and her piano, which is her favorite instrument.

Finding a permanent home for her piano was a large part of what motivated her to relocate to a tiny home in Arizona.

Maria Sofia was already somewhat familiar with the tiny home community; she invested in it after knowing the landowners through a mutual connection.

She visited and knew immediately it was the place for her. The community facilities also include a bathroom for residents.

Maria Sofia’s sleeping space is separated from the living space by a curtain Like the rest of the 500-square-foot home, it contains a mix of old and new; vintage and modern; treasured family heirlooms and kitsch knick-knacks.

500-square-foot home

What is most important to her is having a safe space to sleep and entertain and a good home for her piano. Combining tiny home and communal living allows her to have it all, creating a musical refuge in the middle of the Arizona desert.

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