Why This Couple Decided to Retire in a DIY Raised Roof Skoolie

by Simplify

Phyllis and Steve knew that they were interested in alternative home living and in traveling, but they weren’t sure exactly how. But after taking a bus road trip, they realized the skoolie life was the right choice for them - they love how this lifestyle allows them to travel and be mobile while working if they want to.

It took 2 months from when they stayed up at 4am, watching skoolie conversion videos and coming to a decision, to when they actually got on the bus. Instead of waiting to get on board, they chose to learn from trial and error through skoolie life itself, trying different things during the first 3 months until they came up with a design that they like and works for them.

They raised the roof of a school bus

Steve is 6 ft 3, so they were a bit concerned about height, but their skoolie roof raise provides all the height they need for their home to feel roomy. The DIY roof raise was a lot of work: Steve did all sorts of tricks with screws to get the raise to hold, and now thinks that the 12-inch raise is one of his favorite parts of the skoolie.

Because they raised the roof, they also raised the windows, and enjoy keeping them open to provide a cross breeze. But raising the windows was also work and required refabricating the edges around them.

In this video they take you on a tour of their DIY school bus conversion:

Retiring in a raised roof skoolie

Phyllis and Steve love living in their raised roof skoolie. Before they moved, they were afraid that it might feel lonely, but they find themselves more social than ever, as they travel across the country visiting friends and family.

You never know what the future holds, but this couple see themselves as continuing to live and travel on the skoolie for a long time.

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  • Belaluna Belaluna on Dec 27, 2022

    WOW!!! What a great life you both create every single day! Your skoolie home is comfy, cozy, classy & convenient. Thanks for sharing! Happy trails, health & wellness Love & Laughter🎉

  • Leslie Leslie on Dec 27, 2022

    I really enjoyed seeing your lovely home. Happiness comes from sharing and caring, not from stuff! I'm looking at downsizing in the next year as well, but to a boat. Your small living space gives me much inspiration for achieving my own transition. The hardest step is always the first one. Keep up the videos. Do you do any cooking inside? (Toaster oven, Airfryer etc. ) Thanks,