Awesome Dollar Tree Cleaning Hacks

by Simplify

If you’re having trouble getting your house cleaned, here are some Dollar Tree cleaning hacks to help you get moving.

Cleaning can be a real pain but, with the right products and tricks, you’ll get things finished in no time and with minimal effort.

Dollar Tree has a lot of great cleaning products to help you get started!

Dollar Tree started carrying Brillo basics dishwashing spray and it is just as good as Dawn power wash. They have also started selling Brillo basics Swiffer cloth refills. Using these clothes makes mopping floors quick and easy.

Ice trays with lids are so convenient. Here is a great cleaning hack you can use them for. Fill the ice tray with vinegar and lemon and freeze it. These make great garbage disposal cleaners. Simply pour some baking soda down the garbage disposal with one of your homemade cleaning cubes.

Ajax is great for cleaning your bathrooms and keeping them smelling nice and fresh.

Best dollar tree cleaning products

Here is another great hack. You can use a plastic pitcher from Dollar Tree as a storage carrier for all of your bathroom cleaning products and brushes. It will come to good use with the next tip.

Grab a broom handle and a mop head and use that to clean your tub so you don’t have to break your back bending over. Use the Ajax and add some water.

Here’s where using a pitcher as a caddy comes in handy. When it comes time to rinse your tub just fill your pitcher and rinse everything down.

Using a small squeegee to wipe down the glass in the bathroom will help assure everything dries without water spots.

Great cleaning products make cleaning easier and more efficient. Use these items and hacks to make your cleaning process more manageable!

Dollar tree cleaning hacks

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