20 Dollar Tree Hacks to Save Money

We’re going to talk about Dollar Tree hacks and how they compare with prices on Amazon. I’ll show you the very best home organizing, cleaning, self-care, and pet supplies that are $1.25.

You won’t believe what you can do with Dollar Tree items for DIY storage and organization hacks!

Lucite jars and containers

1. Lucite jars and containers

These clear containers cost more on Amazon, so I picked up three of these for organizing my bathroom vanity.

They are so easy to clean and you don’t need to label anything since you can see inside. The divided lucite containers are great for holding utensils, too.

Welcome mat

2. Rugs and grip mat

Layering rugs is trendy. Use shelf liner instead of rug grip material for cost savings. They also have great rugs at Dollar Tree with different edges.

I prefer square edges so I could look neat when layered. You can also duct tape two together to make them larger. You can also hot glue the shelf liner to the backs of the mats to keep everything in place.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

3. Microfiber cloth

You can get two for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. They retail for a lot more on Amazon. It’s much faster to clean with a microfiber cloth than it is to use paper towels and it doesn’t leave any lint behind.

Cleaning cloths
Cleaning cloths

4. Cleaning cloths

In addition to microfiber cloths, Dollar Tree has cleaning cloths.

I have tried every cleaning cloth Dollar Tree carries and my favorite is this plain-Jane white Clean Life cloths are the best. They are synthetic.

I cut them into quarters so each towel makes four cleaning cloths. They clean up really well and save me money on paper towels. I’ve bleached them and cleaned them in hot water and they come out good as new.

Spray bottle

5 .Caddy and spray bottles

Dollar Tree’s caddies are perfectly sized and priced at $1.25. Pick up spray bottles while you’re at it because they fit perfectly in the caddy thanks to their straight sides.

Makeup brush

6. Makeup brushes

The Wet n Wild brand of synthetic brushes are my favorite. They are so easy to clean. I just soak them in soapy hot water once a week. You know when they are clean because the ends turn pink again.

Nail polish

7. Nail polish

I swear by the LA Colors brand the store carries. Amazon sells similar colors much higher in price. My favorite colors are clear coat, pale pink (#517), and a nude/tan (#619).

Bamboo back scratcher

8. Bamboo back scratcher

This looks classy and so affordable.


9. Toothpaste

Reconsider using Dollar Tree toothpastes. I love these squeeze Colgate toothpastes. If you take off the label and turn it upside down you always know how much you have left.


10. Wallpaper

Dollar Tree just started to sell these high-end rectangle peel-and-stick wallpaper designs.

You can find more expensive rolls on Amazon but I like using rectangles. I’ve used this for so many things, from covering my appliances to making wall art and using it as a tray covering.

Laundry containers

11. Laundry containers

These vertical, clear containers are handy for the laundry. They come in blue, pink, and clear. It’s a great vertical organizing tool for small spaces.

Metal buckets

12. Metal buckets

These pretty metal buckets can be used for crafts but did you know they perfectly hold your dryer sheets? They hold so many other things like cleaning cloths. They fit right under those wire shelves from Dollar Tree, too.

Over-the-door hooks

13. Over-the-door hooks

I like white because they blend in better with the color of my doors. They fit nicely over the door frame. Some door hooks are too bulky and make closing the door tough.

I also used an over-the-door hook in my hall coat closet. I slipped it over the rod so we could hang hats and other lighter weight items.

Sink mats
Sink mats

14. Sink mats

These sink mats have many purposes. Pick up a sink mat and two baby blankets to make a snuffle mat, which retails for a lot of money elsewhere online. A snuffle mat is for dogs who love to eat their food too quickly.

Hide the kibble in the snuffle mat and it slows your pet down. To make this, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the baby blankets in strips of different sizes. Then double-tie the strips in the holes of the sink mat.

Be sure to remove any loose strings. It’s almost like a latch-hook rug. A snuffle mat is almost like a patch of grass.

Pet scarves

15. Pet scarves

Pet scarves are great and are much cheaper than the ones on Amazon that go for around $7.99. They also have a Velcro closure which is convenient and safe.

Plate chargers

16. Plate chargers

Plate chargers are beautiful and take up your tablescape up a notch. I use them to hold seasonal decor, as well.


17. Stickers

These high-end glass stickers are wonderful. I use them on reusable cups and glassware. Just peel and stick.

Reusable coffee cups
Reusable coffee cups
Reusable coffee cups

18. Reusable coffee cups

Here are great reusable coffee cups that you can level up with those stickers. You can scrape off the ink print that’s on the cups so you can put on the stickers. To take off the ink, use nail polish remover and scrape it off with a sharp razor.

Specialty glasses

19. Specialty glasses

Dollar Tree carries champagne glasses, margarita glasses, and stemless wine glasses, much cheaper than on Amazon. Margarita glasses sell on Amazon for $5.99 each.


20. Paper straws

You can buy these in bulk from Amazon for a little bit cheaper. But I love picking up the different varieties of colors and patterns at Dollar Tree.

Dollar tree hacks

These Dollar Tree hacks keep my home fresh, clean, and organized. Let me know in the comments if you have used these items.

But also let me know what your favorite Dollar Tree organization hacks are in your home!

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