Brilliant Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

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The first time we knew we were going to be a big family living in a small house, I knew that we were going to have to figure out how to store all of the things. You really can only downsize and declutter so much stuff. Today I’m going to share with you brilliant storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget.

In this post I’m going to share with you how to make the most of the small spaces in your bedrooms. The house we live in right now has a fairly small room for the master, and small rooms for the kids, as well.

Even if you don’t have a big budget for organizing, you can make these storage ideas work for you.

Limited Space Bedroom Storage Solutions

Bedside Table Storage

Let’s talk about ways we can use bedside tables for extra space. I would recommend looking for a beside table that offers drawers or some sort of compartment so you can house more items.

You can even find multifunctional nightstands that include pull out trays which are great for setting down your morning coffee or electronics.

This multifunctional nightstand doubles as a desk. Using one piece of furniture for multiple uses will save you both time and money.

That leads me to bedside lamps. One great idea to help you save on space is to use a lamp sconce that is mounted to your wall right beside your bed.

Cube Storage Unit

One of my absolute favorite ways to save on space and organize things in bedrooms is with a cube storage unit. We purchased one of these for my boys’ room to store toys, but you can use it for adult bedrooms, too!

One great way to use a cube storage unit is to store books. If you only have space in your house for books in your bedroom, you can use the cube storage to organize and store the.

You can also use cube storage units in your closet to store so many things. Place a unit against the wall and use it to sort and store accessories, handbags, hats, or shoes.

Bed Frame Storage

Let’s talk about ways you can make your bed frame multifunctional!

Underneath your bed is a lot of extra space that you may not be utilizing. The easiest way to fill that empty space is to buy or make a bed frame with built in drawers. When my husband custom built our platform bed, he made sure we had drawers to store extra items like sheets, blankets, and out of season clothes.

If a platform storage bed is too costly, you can purchase under bed storage totes that work exactly the same way. The storage area under your bed is perfect for items you don’t use on a daily basis.

Is your bed too close to the floor? Try using some bed risers to lift it off of the ground so you can make use of that space underneath the bed.

Vacuum Storage Bags

In order to really add even more stuff to your under bed storage, you can use vacuum storage bags to store more clothes or bedding items in less space.

Bedside Caddy

Is your space too small for a nightstand? Try a bedside caddy to hold your extra stuff! These are really great for bunkbeds, too.

Bedside Tray

If you have no space for a nightstand and need somewhere to set a cup or your laptop, look into using a bedside tray to maximize your space!

Wall Mounted Desk

Another option for creating a desk when you don’t have the floor space for one is to use a wall mounted desk. Just flip it down when you need to use it and flip it back up when not in use!

Bedroom Door Hooks

Bedroom door hooks are one of the cheapest ways to add some extra storage to your bedroom.

You can buy over the door hangers to display multiple hooks to hold your hats, bags, or anything else you want to hang up and get out of the way.

We also love using Command hooks on our doors to hang our robes.

Closet Door Storage System

What about the closet door? Well, you could always use a Command hook or over the door hanger on your closet door.

My favorite way to use closet doors for extra storage is to use a hanging shoe organizer. Bonus, they aren’t just for shoes! You can store make up, nail polish, toys, or any other small item you would like to have organized.

Simple Shoe Rack

Let’s not forget how an inexpensive shoe rack can also help you with storing items in a small room. Tuck it into your closet to store your shoes, but you can also use it to store other items, as well.

Extra Tension Rods

Adding tension rods to your bedroom closet can really amp up your storage space. Clip up handbags, scarves, or any other small items to get them up and out of the way.

You can also use them to make hanging your clothes more effective. Stack tension rods for spaces to hang your pants/skirts and tops, while leaving a single tension rod to the side for longer items like coats and dresses.

If you need more shoe storage ideas one good idea is to use tension rods as a shoe rack. If you have a nook or corner in your closet or room that you can place a few tension rods vertically, you have a great space to store your high heel collection.

Another way to use a tension rod to create more storage space in your small room is as a corner caddy. While you can definitely use this idea in your shower, it will also work in other corners of your room to store small items.

Space Saving Hangers

Space saving hangers are a great way to add additional space to your closet. Use them to hang multiple shirts in the space of only one hanger!

Hanging Handbag Organizer

Another way to save on space especially if you have a larger closet is to use a hanging handbag organizer. You can store more than just handbags in it!

Storage Bench

The storage bench is one of my favorite ways to maximize bedroom space. I’ve used this storage bench at the foot of my bed. It’s great for extra seating, as well as storing extra blankets, old photos, and more memorabilia.

If the storage bench isn’t your thing, try a storage ottoman. These are really handy if your small bedroom can fit a chair and you need somewhere to put your feet! They also serve as additional seating and a great place to store items.

Floating Shelves for Vertical Space

Let’s talk about floating shelves and how great they are in bedrooms. If you like to change out your decor and want to save putting tons of holes in your walls, you can use floating shelves to display your items.

Using vertical space to store things rather than cluttering up your pieces of furniture is a good use of your space. Not only are you opening up your room to more decorating possibilities, but your making your space look less cluttered by leaving some empty space on top of your other furniture.

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves mounted to the wall in different sizes can also be used for additional storage space. They are great if you need somewhere to display a picture frame or any other little knick knacks that are important to you.

Storage Headboard

If you have a really tiny bedroom, a storage headboard is amazing. Not only does it make a cool statement piece, but it can be used to store all kinds of personal items. You can keep your favorite books here, put a houseplant on top of it, and keep your other things in a designated space.

Cork Board Storage

Use a cork board to hang your jewelry. Simply pick up a cork board and some thumbtacks to get your jewelry out of the drawers and organized. Plus, you’ll also get to make use of your wall space as storage space!

How do you arrange furniture in a small bedroom?

The easiest way to arrange furniture in a small bedroom is to make sure you are only putting in the bedroom what you absolutely need. You should have a bed, maybe some side tables, a chest of drawers, and then add in more items if they can fit comfortably.

How do you reduce clutter in a small bedroom?

You reduce clutter in your small bedroom by removing items that you don’t need. If you cannot find a designated space for certain items ask yourself if you truly need that item in your bedroom.

You can also make great use of vertical space by using some of the ideas above. Hang high shelving to store decorative items. Fold your clothes using the konmari method to make great use of your dresser space.

There are many ways to maximize your space in your bedroom and they don’t all have to be expensive. Make use of wicker baskets to store items. Whatever you do, make your bedroom space welcoming and it’ll be the best place for you to rest!

How can I organize my bedroom cheaply?

The thought of buying a ton of organizational items can seem daunting, but don’t let it intimidate you! You can organize your bedroom with less expensive items and by purchasing a few things at a time until you’re satisfied with the look of your room.

Let’s break down the inexpensive items you can use to organize your bedroom.

  • Cube storage system
  • Inexpensive drawer dividers for your dresser
  • Felt hangers for hanging clothes
  • Tension rods for adding additional storage to your closet
  • Bins/Baskets
  • Cork board storage
  • Under bed storage containers
  • Over the door hooks
  • Command hooks
  • Over the door shoe storage
  • Hanging hamper
  • Folding clothes with the konmari method to maximize space

My husband and I share our master bedroom and have had to learn how to maximize the space in there. We personally use a platform bed for additional storage underneath the bed.

We also regularly declutter our clothes so our dresser and closets aren’t bursting with items that we cannot wear. The key to keeping a small bedroom organized is not to put too much stuff in it!

Because the entire house is pretty small, I have one bookshelf in my bedroom. Above that bookshelf I have added additional shelves to store my decorative items. We have also wall mounted out TV to save even more space in the bedroom.

I’m no stranger to creative storage solutions and we got lucky in that our bathroom has two large walk in closets that I use for additional storage and organization. I’ve added an inexpensive shoe rack to my closet, multiple tension rods to categorize and organize hanging clothes, a storage system to hold my jewelry, sewing supplies, and other miscellaneous items, and high shelving where I keep my kids’ baby memorabilia.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Even if you have a small bedroom, you can make the most use of your space on a budget. Invest in a few items that can help you organize your things and set up your organizational system and you’re all set!

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