How to Clean Your Home Using the Onion Method of Decluttering

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If you're interested in minimalism and decluttering, you've probably heard of the Onion Method of decluttering. Let’s get to the bottom of how that works with Dawn from The Minimal Mom.

Dawn explains that the Onion Method is about decluttering your house layer by layer.

The first layer is actual garbage, as well as things that you are not using. This stage is quite easy because you do not have to sacrifice anything at all: you are only getting rid of things that you do not believe will be useful to you in the foreseeable future.

The second layer is the “someday” items: things you have been storing for someday when you might use them. This is harder, but very important for a stress-free home that is easy to manage.

Finally, at the core of the onion, according to Dawn, is a peaceful home, self-confidence, and more free time to invest in yourself.

Dawn shares that for her, minimalist decluttering has been a process that took years, as she slowly built the confidence to let go of more and more things. However, she does believe that it is possible to get through the onion quicker, with a couple of minimalist tips for decluttering.

The onion method of decluttering

First, do not expect perfection on any layer. Your goal is not to make your space perfect but to make it function better.

Second, use a quarantine bin. Put aside things you are unsure about, and try managing without them for a couple of months. You are most likely to find you do just fine without them.

Finally, keep your end goal in your mind. Why are you decluttering? Keep your eye on the prize: that freedom, time, and peace of mind.

Onion method of decluttering

We hope that Dawn’s tips have been inspiring and helpful to you. What tips have you found most helpful on your decluttering journey? Share in the comments!

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  • Nimfa Dg Nimfa Dg on Apr 21, 2023

    Clutter is to a home as plaque is to teeth. Both are hard to get rid off based on how long we have accumulated the same and held on. It takes a lot of drive to deal with clutter more permanently. The saving grace to it is that it is an indicator that someone lives in the space. Periodic purging is of utmost importance to keep the space livable. Watching clips from serious hoarders is an effective wake up call to avoid getting overwhelmed.