What is Swedish Death Cleaning & How Does It Work?

by Simplify

Have you ever heard of the Swedish Death Cleaning method? Kathryn from Do It On A Dime decided to declutter her and her husband’s closet using this technique and shared the process and results in her video.

So what is Swedish Death Cleaning?

Kathryn defines it as “a way to celebrate and reflect”. She talks about the clutter cycle: we leave things for fear that someone else might want them, and pass them on to our children. Swedish death cleaning suggests that by only keeping the things we matter, we stop burdening our loved ones with our stuff.

There are three reasons we hold on to things: hoarding instinct, clutter instinct, and fear of death. We keep things in case of an emergency, or because other people might want them, but in reality, almost none of that is true. Moreover, the amount of stuff we hoard can do us more harm than good and affect our mental health.

So according to the Swedish Death Cleaning method, there is one big guiding question to ask yourself while decluttering: will anyone be happier if I save this?

Decluttering things

Kathryn tried to be as intentional as possible, even with things she was emotionally connected with. She called her parents and confirmed they did not want the stuff she kept either - and this made getting rid of it so much easier.

Kathryn shares that she felt relief and ease as she let things go. Getting rid of the things that were deeply emotional for her made her feel freer.

Swedish Death Cleaning

Do you have a space in your house that you need to declutter and feel overwhelmed with? Try using this method and let us know how it goes!

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  • Sandra Royers Scheve Sandra Royers Scheve on Apr 19, 2023

    You need to remember that the word "I" is ALWAYS the subject of a sentence and never the object. Towards the beginning of your video you said something similar to "for Charlie and I " Should be "for Charlie and me."

  • Indiana Molina-Hurley Indiana Molina-Hurley on May 21, 2023

    ..thank you for ur post …. your comment about how you felt much freer when you released hard to let go .. emotional .. resonated with me