How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Lifestyle Full of Things You Enjoy

Today we're going to talk about how to create a cozy, minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is about reducing the number of items in your home and simplifying your lifestyle. It's thinking about how you can make a simpler, cozier, happier life with all the things you love and enjoy.

I've got 15 ways that you can start to create a cozy, minimalist lifestyle.

1. Digital detox

You need to think about how much you are using your phone, why you are using your phone, and for what purpose. Is there a way to reduce that so that you are not constantly reaching for your phone?

Can you get rid of the number of apps and the number of interactions or time you spend on certain apps so that you think a little bit more clearly?

You're being more present in the moment rather than filtering through and looking through upper people's lives and how they're getting on, rather than focusing on your own.

2. Breathe deeply

To create a cozy minimalist lifestyle, you must learn to breathe deeply, focusing on meditation techniques where you concentrate on your breath. Breathing techniques are going to help you to reduce anxiety and stress, and they will help you to think more clearly.

3. Embrace simplicity

There are a couple of strands to this. First, it's reducing and decluttering the number of things you have so that you don't have as much around you in your home.

The second strand to this is that you're going to think about consuming less in the first place. Think less about things and more about experiences. When you declutter, part of the process is realizing how much you are spending on things you don't need and don't use.

Focusing on important relationships

4. Focus on relationships that matter to you

This could mean having telephone conversations or meeting up with others. You'll have more free time since you're not bogged down with those other little things distracting you from the relationships and bonds you could be building with others.

5. Eat well and eat healthily

Think about how you can simplify your shopping list so that you're only buying the things you need, which will help create an easier way of eating healthily. Think carefully about what meals you're going to make so that you are prepared with the ingredients you have and how long they will last.

6. Advocate for self-care time

If you think about spending time doing things you love and enjoy, that is also self-care. Self-care time can be purposeful, it can be intentional, and it can help you to switch off and get in touch with yourself. If you like walking, going for a nice walk is excellent self-care.

7. Get moving

This doesn't mean you have to sign up for the gym. It's about getting outside and doing some movement. It could be a walk; it could be a run; it could be something casual. It's just moving, getting out, and engaging in your environment.

8. Take time to read

This doesn't mean that you have to get heavily into research or things like that, but find something that you enjoy reading. It could be your escapism, or it could be your way of furthering your knowledge.

Making time for family

9. Reduce unnecessary tasks

How often do we set tasks for ourselves that are just not needed, or we're trying to do too much? We need to reduce that. Prioritize what's important to you and your family to get you through the day. Anything that's not important or that can wait for another day, let it wait.

10. Connect with your community

See if there's something that you can do in your local community. Could you help out a local food bank regularly? Could you help volunteer at events? Can you help your local community school? Connect with your community by giving back to it.

11. Do things purposefully

Make sure that everything you do has a purpose, is intentional, and is what you want to do. There is no point in doing things in your life that cause unnecessary stress or anxiety or aren't something you want to do.

Do purposeful things that give something to you or that give something to somebody else that you are happy to do.

12. Learn to say no

It's okay to say no to things, especially if you know that you feel like you're overwhelmed or things are too busy. Know that it's okay to say no to things so that you can prioritize other things that are more important to you.

Connecting with nature

13. Connect with nature

Go outside. You can go to your local park, sit on the bench, and watch what's happening around you. Look at the trees. Watch the leaves moving. Watch the animals as they play. Watch the cats in the garden.

Find a way that is accessible to you. Find a way that you can tune in and connect with nature differently.

14. Simplify cooking

Get in the habit of cooking in bulk and meal planning. If you can do once a week a bulk meal where you make extra portions that you can then freeze or have for the next day, it is making your life that little bit easier so you don't have another meal to cook at some point in the future.

15. Focus on one thing at a time

I think it's so easy to get distracted and start one task, get onto another and then end up coming back or trying to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

Focus on one task at a time and do it well. If we try and do too many things at once, we're not going to do it at our best, and it will take us longer.

How to create a cozy minimalist lifestyle

Hopefully, these 15 tips will help you to create a cozy, minimalist lifestyle that will keep you on track, will keep you engaged in your relationships, will nurture your body and mind, and will help you to get the best from life.

Do you have a tip for living a cozy, minimalist lifestyle? Share in the comments below.

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