Cheap & Healthy Meal Ideas: 20 Meals for $20

by Simplify

How many meals can you make for $20? Flourishing Miranda is sharing her recipes and meal plans that allow her to get 20 meals out of $20* worth of food. Here are her cheap, healthy meal ideas that incorporate lots of fresh veggies, but really don’t cost much at all.

*Prices as of May 2023

Miranda decided to do her shopping at a WinCo near her because she often finds sales there. She ended up spending $20.50 on the following items: cucumbers, zucchinis, egg roll wrappers, chopped romaine, quick oats (in bulk), a can of black beans, a can of corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, and extra firm tofu.

The first meal is a tofu salad. Miranda made six of these salads, prepped in advance in Tupperware containers for grab-and-go lunches. She used a paper towel to keep the salad fresh.

To make this cheap, healthy meal idea, she chopped her cucumbers and lettuce and put them in the containers. Then, she baked tofu cubes in the oven at 350 degrees with barbeque seasoning. When the tofu finished cooking, she added it to the salad. This is a healthy meal idea that only costs $1 per serving.

Egg rolls

For the dinner meal, Miranda made 20 egg rolls. This netted her ten meals at two egg rolls a serving. She filled a skillet with water and seasoning and boiled her zucchini and yams. Then, she mixed them in a bowl with the corn and beans. The vegetable mix became the stuffing for the egg rolls. Instead of cooking these right away, you can also freeze them raw until you are ready to cook them.

Miranda’s breakfast recipe netted her last four cheap, healthy meals. This healthy meal idea for $1 involved mixing the oats with two bananas and zucchini, which she blended up. She added cinnamon and sugar to the mixture and then baked it in a glass dish at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

These cheap, healthy meal ideas can help any family serve wholesome and nutritious food on a budget. Which meal was your favorite? What cheap meals do you make for your family? Leave a comment and let us know.

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