Easy and Low-Carb Sheet Pan Meal Prep Idea

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I’ll share with you low-carb meal prep ideas to set yourself up for success. I am trying to create a life that I love and part of that is working on my health. And that involves meal prep. All meal prep involves is a sheet pan, protein, and veggies.


1. Pick a protein and veggie

I always want a protein, which would be chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, or beef. But if you don’t want meat your protein can be a bean or legume. You can use tofu, if you want. You can use Impossible Meat.

Today, I’m using beef stew meat. Then I add in veggies to bulk it up and give me the vitamins and nutrients that I need. I’ll also do half an onion. Onions, mushrooms, and steak are delicious.

Green beans

I have baby bella mushrooms. Mushrooms and steak go perfectly together. I’ll bulk it up with frozen green beans. I’ll season it up on my sheet pan and boom, I have a few meals made for the week so we can grab and go.


2. Pick a seasoning

I love this Kinder’s The Blend seasoning. It has all the salt, pepper, garlic, and more. I’ll use this and olive oil to keep it simple.

Sheet pan meal prep
Sheet pan meal prep

3. Oil the pan

I just drizzle olive oil on the whole pan. I took a paper towel and spread the oil around.

Sheet pan meal prep

4. Assemble the pan

I just put the chunks of meat in the pan. I like it like this so I don’t have to cut it later.

Sheet pan meal prep
Spread the mushrooms around the pan.

Sheet pan meal prep
Cut the onion, peel it, slice and dice it (in larger chunks), and spread it around on the tray.

Sheet pan meal prep
Fill in with frozen green beans. I use half a bag.

Sheet pan meal prep
Drizzle olive oil on top. Take tongs and toss everything to coat with the olive oil.

Sheet pan meal prep
Generously sprinkle seasonings. Give another toss with the tongs to spread the seasoning.

Sheet pan meal prep
Cook at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes.

Sheet pan meal prep

5. Results and box it up

Here it is right out of the oven!

Sheet pan meal prep

Here it is boxed up for the fridge. I was able to get four meals out of that one sheet pan. I take them for lunches or use them for a full dinner meal.

Sheet pan meal prep

I hope you are inspired to try some sheet pan meal prep ideas like this or something similar. They are so easy to do. Let me know if you have sheet pan meal ideas to share by leaving a comment!

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