Minimalism for Beginners: 30 Dos & Don'ts to Consider

by Simplify

In this video, Vera shares 30 tips for minimalism for beginners. Her beginner's guide to minimalism shows how a few small choices can help you lead a more meaningful life. Sometimes, small changes can have a big impact.

1. Shop your home first -When you need something, first check if you have it at home.

2. Don't worry about aesthetics. Your home doesn’t need to look like a magazine.

3. Don’t just make a “maybe” pile. Wear items you are unsure about for a few days to figure out if they work for you.

4. Don't keep things after you decide to give them away.

5. Do start a wishlist, so you can shop more mindfully.

6. Don't do impulse purchases. If you see something you want, think about it for at least a day.

7. Do spend on things that add value. Being a minimalist doesn't mean you can't spend money on things you love.

8. Don’t get rid of things just for the sake of getting rid of things.

9. Start small.

10. Don't browse. If you don’t know what’s out there, it’s easier to not buy things you don’t need.

Minimalism for beginners

11. Research and review things in order to be more intentional about what you buy.

12. Don't shop when you’re bored, sad, tired, or hungry.

13. Find an alternative activity for shopping.

14. Don’t buy things to impress others - that will give you more clutter and less money.

15. Get rid of things you don't use even if they are expensive.

16. When decluttering, don’t focus on what to get rid of. Focus on what keep.

17. Use minimalism on things other than stuff it can apply to so many things, like decluttering your calendar.

18. Don't declutter other people’s stuff. As tempting as it may be, you can’t change other people.

19. Do practice gratitude for things you have, to help you realize how much you already have.

20. Don't keep things just because they can’t be discarded in the way that you want.

21. Make a decluttering plan.

22. Don't shop to feel better about yourself.

23. Be realistic about your “just in case” items.

24. Don't get stuck in a cycle of buy-declutter, buy-declutter.

25. Forgive yourself for past purchases.

26. Don't start with organizing. Start with decluttering, because once you’ve decluttered, that makes it easier to organize.

27. Do define what is enough for you.

28. Don't treat your home as a storage unit.

29. Focus on what you want more of when you declutter.

30. Don't wait until you finish decluttering before enjoying minimalism.

Minimalism for beginners

Vera’s tips are a great guide for beginners. Her easy, simple hacks can help you to start living a minimalist lifestyle. Most important of all, Vera says that even if you’re not ready, it’s time to get started, and remember - changing habits takes time.

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  • Kir12556722 Kir12556722 on Aug 31, 2023

    Excellent advice. I am beginning my decluttering today, and I am saving Vera’s wisdom to review once-a-month or whenever I get an urge to shop.