How to Cut Expenses: 60 Easy Hacks to Save Money

Becky | Freebie Lady
by Becky | Freebie Lady

Let’s talk about how to cut expenses! Spending less money is easier than you might think.

Today, I have 60 simple ways to cut expenses that will not require too much effort, or perhaps any at all! I have been able to cut our spending by over 65% just using these techniques.

You do not have to do all of these, either - just do a couple of them, and you will slash your spending by so much.

1. Commit to never paying full price for anything ever again.

2. Reuse and repurpose everything you can.

3. Use online savings, such as Rakuten, Honey, etc.

4. Use as many phone money saving and/or cashback apps as you possibly can, such as Fetch Rewards or Receipt Hog. Cash them in at the end of the year, get a few thousand bucks, and pay for Christmas with that money.


5. Consider using a laundromat.

6. Combine savings: get the Sunday newspaper, take your coupons and match your coupons with the sales. Extreme couponing is worth checking out, too.

7. Meal plan and stick to it.

8. Do not wash your clothes every time you wear them.

9. Make your own cleaning products, they are so much cheaper and better for you. Vinegar is a great cleaning product.

10. Get out of debt. You are just throwing money away in interest every month.

11. For entertainment, go to the library.

12, 13 & 14. Stop buying paper towels. Stop buying shaving cream. Some people even stop buying toilet paper. I am not that extreme.

15. Do a no spend challenge day – do not spend a dime at all for the entire day.

16, 17 & 18. Stop spending money on beverages. No bottled water, no coffee outside, no beer and wine.

19. Wait 24 hours before buying something big. You might change your mind.

Cutting hair

20. Cut your own hair. There are wonderful tutorials on YouTube on how to cut your own hair that will teach you everything you need to know.

21. Do not eat out.

22. Go grocery shopping as little as possible. I go once every two weeks, because every single time you go to the grocery store, you spend money unnecessarily.

23. Cancel all your subscriptions. You will not miss them.

24. Buy clothes that match each other. Make sure that all your tops match all your bottoms, so you can wear every top with every bottom. That way, you will quadruple your wardrobe.

25. Every day, pick one room or one space. Go through everything in that space and divide the stuff you find into piles: throw away, donate, sell.

26. If you want entertainment, start mystery shopping. You can go out to dinner or even get into an amusement park for free.

27. Always ask for a free upgrade.

28. If there are fees associated, just ask them to waive the fees.

29. Stock up on stuff when they are on clearance, meaning at least 50% off. Do not go overboard though: trust me, nobody needs five years of toothpaste.

Turning heating down

30. Turn down the heat.

31. Clean out your filters, both in your house and in your car.

32. Do your holiday shopping all year long, because Christmas is the same day every year, it does not sneak up on you.

33. Use online survey sites to earn some extra cash. Pick two or three that you enjoy, and do them on your phone in your spare time. You are not going to make part-time or full-time income from survey sites, but do it long term, cash out a couple times a year, and the money will add up.

34. 10 second rule: if you are in a store and you have something in your cart, look at it carefully, ask yourself if you really want and need it, wait 10 seconds, and then decide. I bet you, you will put it back.

35. Do not sign up for auto payments.

36. Keep in mind that time is money. If it takes you five hours to save $5, it is not worth it.

37. Always know the cost of things. If you are interested in cutting expenses, you have to know what a good deal is when you see it.

38. Always use the very last of things.

39. If you have a gym membership, call your health insurance company and see if they have a rebate for gym memberships.

40. Pay cash for everything.

41. If you get pre packaged vegetables, weigh them and see which ones weigh the most.

42. Use your vegetable scraps to make your own veggie broth.

43. Do not buy product insurance.

44. Save rainwater.

Growing carrots

45. Grow your own vegetables and can them.

46. Use discount gift cards.

47. Use a clothesline - way cheaper than a dryer.

48. Plan out your week. People who are more organized and planned always spend less money.

49. Call anybody you have a monthly payment with and ask them how you can reduce it.

50. Track your spending.

51. Shop for things out of season.

52. Create a money mantra. One of my mantras is: you put your energy into growth.

53. Make saving money and being frugal one of your hobbies.

54. Get rich friends, because you are the average of the six people that you hang out with most.

55. Look around your house and see what can sell. Stop collecting crap that you do not need.

56. Follow my blog to get free stuff!

57. Make double batches of food when you are cooking.

58. Install LED light bulbs.

59. Get a programmable thermostat. It will pay for itself 100 times over.

60. Always pick up change when you see it.

How to cut expenses

Now you know much more about how to cut back on expenses! What are your favorite ways? Which of these are you going to incorporate into your daily life? Let me know in the comments!

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