She's Glamping Across the USA in Style in a Custom 4x4 Adventure Rig

by Simplify

Lindsey knew she wanted a change. With a love of freedom and a few custom-made changes to her Overland Explorer, she managed to craft her own adventure rig and is now glamping across the United States.

After living in Chicago and New York, Lindsey knew she was done with the city lifestyle. So she sold 60% of her possessions, made a six-month plan, bought a camper, and practiced living in her new home in her parents’ backyard for a month before setting out on the open road.

Now, Lindsey has a remote job and loves working either from the standing desk her dad made or from the comfort of her own bed.

Glamping on the open road

As a solo woman traveler, Lindsey is especially attuned to security; she maintains an escape hatch through the solar panel above her bed. There’s also a clicker alarm next to the sleeping space that she can set off if she sees or hears anything suspicious.

Lindsey added a few personal touches to her Overland Explorer camper, such as adding windows to all the walls to let in sunlight and transforming the bunk bed into a dining corner. She applied easy-to-wipe-down surfacing on the kitchen cabinets, which helps with moisture management.

A major task was adding storage space by maximizing the inside space of the adventure rig through a combination of clever shelving and custom-made organizers.

For example, she cut a normal-sized cutlery holder to make it smaller so it could fit in her kitchen shelves. She also added weather-proof storage space to the camper’s exterior.

Lindsey is environmentally conscious and uses a combination of solar power and batteries to provide electricity and water. She has 42 gallons of fresh water in her internal water tank for the sink and shower, which includes on-demand hot water.

Her 1000-watt solar panels are strong enough to power a 12-volt Cruise N Comfort air conditioner, which keeps the camper cool in hot and humid places.

She also uses a 5-gallon cassette toilet, which can be conveniently emptied into a porta-potty every couple of days without worrying about connecting to sewer hookups.

Freedom in a 4X4 adventure rig

Together, all the changes Lindsey made transformed her Overland Explorer camper into a 4X4 adventure rig that she drives across the United States on an endless glamping road trip.

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