10 Ways To Workout Without Your Wallet

by Lasehrman

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Touring the new gym was eye-opening! The shiny facade lured in new members who were excited to experience the high-cost, top-quality machines and classes. It looked marvelous, but the price was way over my budget!

Gyms are wonderful, but the point to remember is: all I need is an exercise routine to get in shape. My budget for gym memberships is zero. What can I replace a gym membership with in order to get a great workout? There are so many to choose from. And, there’s no reason to only select one method.

The first thing to do is to look around your house for easy ways to exercise:

  • Do you have any exercise equipment? Many of us have things to use: treadmill, free weights, or machines…or check for free equipment on Craigslist.
  • Is there a bike in the garage? Riding around the neighborhood or on some great bike trails can give you a good workout
  • Exercise videos? You can find these at your local library
  • Even easier than videos are Youtube videos – Get free youtube choices in every type: Pilates, Yoga, everything you can imagine. You’ll never get bored!
  • Stairs: indoor or outside, moving up and down stairs will work on the lower body
  • Do you have Amazon Prime? There are literally tons of free exercise routines to stream
  • Free Apps, such as Map My Fitness, can be used on iPhone or Android. There are many more; just search for free exercise apps on your phone.

Get out in nature for other terrific workout options:

  • Walk – whether you walk around your neighborhood, park, or high-school track, walking is a good exercise. If the weather is bad, join the mall walkers to keep moving.
  • Run – running trails can be found in parks or use a track. You might pair up with a friend or join a running group, too.
  • Hike – hiking is great for working out and may bring you to some spectacular views.

I hope you have gotten inspired to workout without any expensive gyms or clubs. What is your favorite frugal way to work out? I’m exercising at home, too. Let’s all get moving!

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