10 Clever Dishwashing Tablet Hacks You Never Knew About

by Simplify

Ever looked at a dishwashing tablet and thought, "Is this all you can do?" Well, get ready to be amazed! These little power-packed wonders are not just for dishes. They can be your go-to solution for a variety of household problems.

Let's dive into the world of dishwashing tablets and discover some hacks that are sure to make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

1. Sparkling Toilet Cleaner

Drop a dishwashing tablet into your toilet bowl, let it fizz for 30 minutes, then scrub away. You'll be left with a dazzlingly clean and fresh-smelling toilet.

Dishwasher + toilet = magic!

Image Credit: thekitchn.com

2. Reviving Cloudy Glassware

Restore the shine to your glassware by soaking them in a sink filled with warm water and a dissolved dishwashing tablet. Say goodbye to cloudiness!

3. DIY Jewelry Cleaner

Soak your tarnish-prone jewelry in a bowl of warm water with a dishwashing tablet. A gentle scrub later, and your jewels will sparkle like new.

4. Grease-Busting Oven Cleaner

Tired of scrubby sponges and harsh chemicals? Place a hot, damp dish towel over the grime, then lay a dissolved tablet solution on top. Let it sit, then wipe away the gunk effortlessly.

Cleaning the oven with dishwashing tablets

5. Shoe Whitener

White sneakers turned dingy? A dishwashing tablet dissolved in warm water can be your secret weapon. Scrub with an old toothbrush and watch the magic.

6. Laundry Stain Remover

For stubborn stains on clothes, dissolve a tablet in a bucket of water and soak the stained garment overnight. Wash as usual for a stain-free look.

7. Garbage Disposal Freshener

Banish funky smells by dropping a tablet into the disposal, run a little water, and turn it on. Freshness restored!

8. Coffee and Tea Stain Remover

Remove stubborn stains from mugs and teapots by filling them with hot water and a piece of a dishwashing tablet. Soak, then rinse for a stain-free shine.

9. Grill Grate Cleaner

Get your grill grates gleaming by soaking them in a tub with warm water and a dissolved tablet. A little scrubbing, and they'll be ready for your next BBQ.

10. Crisp and Clean Cooler

After a fun outing, clean your cooler with a dissolved tablet in water. It helps remove odors and stains, leaving it fresh for your next adventure.

Finish® dishwashing tablet


Who knew that a little dishwashing tablet could be such a household hero? From cleaning toilets to reviving jewelry, these hacks are not only practical but also a fun way to tackle everyday chores. So next time you're restocking your kitchen, remember, dishwashing tablets are not just for dishes anymore!

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  • Lorena Pedraza Reynolds Lorena Pedraza Reynolds on Nov 30, 2023

    Can you do that for sterling silver?

    • Jbp68893048 Jbp68893048 on Dec 01, 2023

      Pinterest has an easy clean, I’d write it here but you should read to be sure to safe foe sterling silver, I used it for silver plate and it was great!

  • P P on Dec 01, 2023

    do NOT use this on sterling silver, nor use Dip IT- polish with silver cream!