The Shocking Ways Disorganization is Costing You Money

There are many shocking ways that disorganization can cost you money. Disorganization is one way of wasting money without any benefit to you. The cost of disorganization can be everything from financial to mental stress.

Let's look at the different ways being disorganized is holding you back and what you can do about it.

Cost of disorganized paperwork and finances

When you don't organize your paperwork and finances, you pay thousands in late fees and finance charges, which can easily be avoided.

You also pay for renewed subscriptions that you forgot to cancel, fraudulent charges you missed because you weren't checking your accounts, and memberships that you never use. 

If you are a business owner and your receipts aren't organized, you won't be able to write off those business expenses. If you don't organize your receipts, you can't return an item you decide you don't need.

You won't be able to write up donation receipts you lost when you don't organize your mail regularly; you can miss out on great coupons and great grocery sales on things you purchase regularly. You can forget to use gift cards and rewards you've earned, especially before they expire.  

Ordering takeout due to disorganization

Cost of disorganized time

When you don't organize your time, you pay for convenience, including eating out or grabbing things from convenience stores, which are overpriced because you didn't take time to plan your grocery shopping list and go grocery shopping. Preparing food at home is one of the best ways to save money, and it simply involves a little time management to plan shopping trips and prepping meals.

When you don't manage your time, you also pay premium prices for lodging and travel. When you don't plan and book things ahead of time, you waste gas by making extra trips. 

When you don't manage your time, you pay for shipping. I don't think I have ever paid for shipping for anything. I always purchase the minimum required amount to receive free shipping and only buy items I need. Without organizing your time, you can end up paying for expedited shipping on things you need for deadlines, like costumes for your children for Halloween.

If you delay proper maintenance on vehicles, it could end up causing major repairs to be required.

If you try return an item too late, you won't be able to return it at all. I saved $100 on a couch because the lady I purchased it from unpacked it too late and couldn't return it after she realized it didn't fit her space.

Plus, if you pay for missed appointments, doctor's offices can charge you missed appointment fees for not showing up for the allotted time.  

Organized bathroom cabinet

Cost of disorganized spaces

When you don't organize your spaces, you purchase duplicates of items, including toiletries, medications, food, clothing supplies, etc. Or you don't end up using items before they expire.

Also, if you can't find the items because they are buried in the back of your storage closets or under other things like kitchen appliances, your items can become damaged. If items are buried long enough, like electronic devices, they can become obsolete before you even use them. That money spent on that item is therefore wasted. 

Putting belongings into storage

Do not buy storage

One huge thing I want to note is that you shouldn't be paying for storage. There are a few reasons anyone would need to pay for additional storage outside their home, including storing your items if you are in between moves, like if your house sells but you haven't closed on your new house. Or maybe you have a seasonal mobile business, and your items will not fit in your home during the off-season. 

The critical thing to note is that you must always declutter the excess from your home and only store what you need and use in your home. You will, therefore, not need storage if your home is properly organized. Also, when your spaces aren't organized, you can throw away perfectly good items because you couldn't find a piece to them, like a board game. 

Buying clothes on sale

Cost of disorganized projects and planning

When you don't properly plan and organize projects, you can pay for too much of something like paint, for example. Taking a little time to measure can help you determine how much of something you will need, including paint, as the container typically knows how much square footage it covers.  

When you don't plan meals and create grocery shopping lists, you can end up purchasing items that you don't need or don't make use of the things, and those ingredients go to waste.  

If you don't plan what you wear to an important event, you might purchase an outfit last minute and pay full price. Everything goes on sale, so you should never pay full price for anything with proper planning.  

Ways disorganization costs you money

Disorganization costs you time, money, and stress and is wasteful. Take the time to organize your life to save money and set goals with your money. Disorganization doesn't have to be a way of life; with a few tweaks, you can be organized in all aspects of your life.

Let me know the ways you keep organized and keep on top of costs in the comments below.

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