5 Simple Grocery Hacks That Will Save You Money in 2023

by Simplify

The prices for everything, including food, have been rising, so the question of how to save money on groceries is as relevant as ever. Christine from Frugal Fit Mom’s philosophy in feeding her family of six is keeping it simple.

In one of her videos, she shares five great grocery hacks that will help you save money on groceries in 2023.

1. Create meal plans

Christine uses a template that includes meals for each day of the week and a shopping list. She also suggests putting in a couple of leftover days to make life easier.

2. Set a budget and stick to it

A budget makes you less likely to get unnecessary items. Moreover, you might have to be creative in finding alternatives to the more expensive items in order to accommodate your budget.

3. Shop the sales

For stores that are more expensive than Aldi or Walmart, Christine recommends going online once in a while and checking their deals. There is nothing wrong with going into a store for just a couple of discounted items.

Money-saving grocery hacks

4. Eat budget-friendly foods

You can make any simple food taste delicious. Learn to cook cheaper kinds of meat, experiment with rice and beans, and make homemade alternatives to store-bought processed things like bread.

5. Shop the clearance foods

One of Christine’s grocery shopping hacks is getting foods that are marked down and then freezing them. It is important to choose the right stores and talk to the employees to find out when they usually mark things down.

Christine recommends going after food-centered holidays, as well as choosing stores in more affluent or touristy areas.

Money-saving grocery hacks

Hopefully, these grocery budget hacks will be useful for you. Feel free to share more ways to save money on groceries in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Frugal Fit Mom YouTube channel.

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