20+ Things I Don't Buy to Live Minimally & Save Money

As a minimalist, there are things I don't buy. Minimalism is about living with less, which also means buying less. Minimalism also involves wasting less, so you tend to buy fewer disposable items.

These are the 20 things I do not spend my money on.

1. Getting my hair done

I have a simple hairstyle. I cut it from home once a year. I do not dye my hair, so my hair is really low maintenance.

2. Haircare products

I use shampoo and a conditioner, and that's it. My hair still looks and feels healthy.

3. Getting my nails done

I never get my nails done. Nobody judges me for not having my nails done.

4. I do not get my eyebrows done

Nothing touches my eyebrows except for me. You have to learn how to maintain these things yourself.

5. I don't get my lashes done.

My lashes are not long and luscious. They are my natural lashes. Nobody thinks of me less because I have little eyelashes.

6. I don't buy makeup in general

The only product I use is to fill in my eyebrows to darken and shape them better, and then I put on mascara. It saves me time, it saves me energy, and it saves me money if I do not wear makeup.

7. I do not buy accessories

This includes phone cases. I have one for my phone and keep that on for however long I have my phone.

Shopping bags

8. I don't buy bags

9. I don't buy jewelry

I stick with basic jewelry and don't need to buy more. I prefer to wear one necklace. I don't like wearing bracelets. I don't buy watches. I wear my Fitbit. So no extra accessories.

10. I never pay for food delivery

I don't think I've ever done that. Food delivery can be convenient for some people, and that's fine. I typically make most of my food and do not want to pay extra money for someone to bring it here. You have to tip on top of that.

11. I rarely go out to eat

It's pretty rare for us to go out. I love to cook. I love to cook tasty food and know what is going into my food. I'm also vegan, so it can sometimes make going out difficult.

12. I don't buy alcohol

I don't drink. I don't buy alcohol in the store. I don't buy alcohol when I go out, ever. So that saves a ton of money in and of itself, but that is a personal preference.

13. I also never buy sodas, juices, or energy drinks

I'm typically just drinking water, coffee, and tea. Those are the only things that I buy. I find that those are a lot healthier too.

Shopping on a phone

14. I don't pay for phone apps or in-app purchases

I know that's random, but I think people do. People still pay for games on their phones, like in-app purchases, which blows my mind. I have never I don't think I've paid for any app.

15. I don't buy lottery tickets

I recently heard that an average American spends over $1,000 on lottery tickets yearly. I know it's only a couple of bucks, but a couple of bucks here and there adds up, and I'd instead use that for something that I know will be mine.

16. I do not buy water bottles.

I have a refillable water bottle; if you have that, you should try to use that as much as possible. I typically bring that with me everywhere. Even if I were out, I probably would try to avoid that and go to the water fountain or something.

17. I don't get on-the-go coffee

Probably throughout the whole year, I'll get four cups of coffee out, and it's usually seasonal.

18. I do not pay bank or credit card fees

I only use bank services without fees, like free checking.

I've never had a credit card that requires a fee for the year. I try to stay on top of everything, so I don't miss any payments, then you don't pay any late fees. I also don't allow my bank to overdraft or anything like that.

Streaming services

19. I do not pay for any streaming services or subscription services

This is aside from Spotify, and that was just recently. I had Spotify free for six months because I have a Samsung phone. I don't pay to watch something because I think it is unnecessary for me.

20. I do not pay for cable

I don't own a TV. I don't watch TV. I watch YouTube, and I watch Netflix on the weekends if I'm with my boyfriend. Besides that, I'm not a person who enjoys watching TV.

21. I do not have Amazon Prime

It's not necessary for me. I do not order from Amazon consistently, so it would be just an extra cost that I wouldn't need. When I order from Amazon, I typically order things that cost over $25, so I qualify for free shipping. If I absolutely needed something fast, I would go to the store and pick it up.

22. I don't pay for subscription boxes or magazines

The only subscription service that I do have is Ritual, which is my multivitamin. It's fun to get new things in the mail occasionally, but I'd rather save money and buy things when I want them or need them.

23. I do not spend my money on precut food

You'll spend way more money purchasing precut fruit or vegetables. Plus, they're wrapped in excessive amounts of plastic, which is unnecessary. I'd rather buy the whole thing and chop it up myself.

Things I don't buy

Those are the things that I do not buy or rarely buy, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by not purchasing these things. I prefer to pocket or save that money or put it towards my debt. Comment below with any of the things you don't buy.

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