8 Things I Don't Buy Anymore to Save Money and Prevent Clutter

I want to tell you all about some of the things I don’t buy in an effort to save money. There’s been some talk of a possible recession, which means it’s a good time to cut back on unnecessary spending so we can save for the future.

1. Cable or satellite TV

We do not spend money on cable or satellite TV. We use streaming services instead. There are streaming services that are free, like Pluto, Roku TV, and Tubi. We do get Disney Plus, but we don’t pay for it because it comes included in our cell phone service.

The only streaming services we do pay for are Netflix and Hulu. We got a great deal for Hulu, so we’re only paying $3.99 a month. We pay $15 a month for Netflix, which means we only spend $18.99 a month for all our TV services.

The lowest price I’ve seen for cable TV is about $100. That means we are saving over $80 by opting out of cable. My kids have never had cable television or satellite television and they don’t miss it, because they never had it. We have more than enough from our streaming services.

Dryer balls

2. Dryer sheets and fabric softener

Personally, I think fabric softener is a waste of money, so I don’t buy it. Pouring a cap full of white vinegar in with your laundry will soften the fabrics. Don’t worry. The vinegar smell gets diluted and leaves no odor behind.

Instead of dryer sheets, I use reusable wool dryer balls. They work well, taking all the static out of your clothes and they last for years. Save yourself some money and invest in some wool dryer balls.

3. Skincare products

I don’t buy skincare products. I used to, but they’re so expensive and they don’t last long enough. The only skincare I really need is something to moisturize my face and I started using witch hazel for that. Witch hazel is a natural product, it’s affordable, lasts a long time, and works like magic.

I know this skincare option might not work for everyone. We all have different skin with different needs. But actual skincare products are so overpriced. That’s why I recommend you experiment and find an alternative that works for you.

Blind bag

4. Blind bags

I used to get blind bags for my kids. If you haven’t heard of blind bags, they are bags filled with surprise toys.

The excitement for the kids is opening them up to see what they got, but half the time they don’t even want most of the stuff in there.

These toys get discarded and lost very quickly. It’s not worth the few seconds of joy they get from opening it. They’re filled with junk and it’s a clear waste of money.

5. Seasonal décor

The only seasonal décor I still purchase and store is Christmas décor. That’s a holiday I really love and enjoy keeping the decorations up for weeks.

I no longer buy décor for Valentine's Day, Easter, or July 4th. Buying and storing all those decorations not only costs money, it takes up space in storage. I get stressed out from all that extra clutter, so I stopped decorating for every holiday.


6. Toys with tiny pieces

I stopped buying toys with tiny pieces for my kids and I’ll tell you why. It’s similar to the blind bags. They open them and they’re so excited and then they lose track of all the little parts and they add to the clutter and mess in the house.

7. Cheap flip-flops

I used to submit to temptation and buy those cheap $1 flip-flops they sell at places like Walmart. They’re so cheap and they look so cute, but then I’ll be out walking around in them and they break apart so easily.

Remember, when it comes to discount items, if it’s cheap to buy it is even cheaper to make and it will not last. So instead of buying $1 flip-flops and replacing them 5 times in 1 year, buy some $5 flip-flops that will last you more than 1 year. I have had my $5 flip-flops for 4 years now and they’re still in good condition. Buying better quality saves money in the long run.

8. Items around the checkout lane

Do you know how all stores have items all around the checkout lanes? Those are planted there to entice customers into making impulse purchases. I don’t like that stores put those things there to tempt people into spending more money. My kids already know not to even ask me, because I have a strict rule that I never buy items by the checkout counter.

I have a couple of extra tips for you. These are questions you can ask yourself before any purchase to help you make better decisions. I like to ask myself if I’m going to use the item within 3 days of purchasing. Then I ask myself if it’s good quality.

I also ask myself if I’m buying whatever it is just to feel that boost of happiness at the moment. It’s always best to slow yourself down when spending money. It’s easy to get caught up in temptation and act impulsively. Asking yourself some questions can help prevent you from spending money you don’t need to spend.

Things I don't buy

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the things I don’t buy anymore. Everyone is different and has their own needs, but I really believe we can help each other out by sharing about our spending habits.

If you have any ideas on how to save that I haven’t mentioned, leave them in the comments section. Let’s learn from each other.

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  • Jackie Jackie on Apr 04, 2024
    I wash out sandwich baggies and the larger ones, as long as they are not too damaged to save money.