6 Cheap Ways to Save Money: Items I Always Save On

We are always looking to save money, so I am here to help you today. There are six items that I always buy as cheaply as possible. Here are my cheap ways to save money on a regular basis.

1. Prescriptions

Prescription medications and vitamins can get really pricey, so I have a few cheap hacks to save your money on prescriptions for you.

First, always ask that your prescriptions be generic, and the savings are there already.

The next step is using coupon codes and discount codes. You can find those on Google, but my best advice is to download a free app called GoodRx on your smartphone. You put in the prescription name, it might ask you for the dosage amount, and you get a discount code. Then, all you need to do is give it to your pharmacist when you go to pick up the medication, or call them up beforehand and tell them you have a discount code for it. This is how I got my daughter's asthma medication to go from $250 to $60.

Another great thing to keep in mind is free samples. Always ask your doctors for free samples, because they often have them. Free samples got me through the first three months of my pregnancy without spending a dollar on prenatal vitamins. There is no shame in asking for samples because everyone is on a tight budget nowadays or simply wants to save additional money.

Grocery shopping

2. Store brand food

We all have specific foods that we only like from that one brand and are not willing to compromise on. For me it is mayonnaise. However, 80% to 85% of the groceries that I buy are store brands. I know that everyone shops a little differently, but next time you want to buy something, try the store brand alternative. Perhaps it is just a dollar off each item, but it comes to significant savings at the cash register.

An extra tip is that sometimes the store brands are actually packaged in the same factory as the name brands. A great example is Kraft cheese: the cheddar blocks are packaged in the same place as the store brand, so you are getting pretty much the same exact item for a lot cheaper.

3. Party decorations

Themed decorations for each birthday party may cost a fortune. However, some kids are pretty consistent in their interests. My little one wants a princess theme every year.

Therefore, I went to the $0.99 store once, spent ten dollars to fifteen dollars on table decorations, streamers, tablecloths, and other things with princesses, and at the end of the party, I packaged up the whole thing. I then reused it all the following years instead of spending the money again. Those $15 stretched for many years and no one knew.

Baby clothes and shoes

4. Baby clothes and baby shoes

I had a coworker who bought a $50 pair of Nikes for an infant. No judgment, of course, but for me and my wallet I know that it is not worth buying huge name-brand clothes for babies. They are going to get either stained, not used and regifted, or used for a short while and then donated to charity.

This is why baby clothes and baby shoes are things that I buy on sale and I do not go crazy for it. This saves me lots of money, and I always find such cute items.

5. A gym membership

We used to have a family membership at the local YMCA in town, which cost $76 a month, and I thought it was a great savings. My kids would do activities in the wintertime when they could not play with their friends outside, I would work out, and everything was fine.

As my kids got older, they stopped going to the YMCA and started hanging out with their friends. Spending $76 a month just for me to work out does not make sense anymore, especially when I do not always have the time to get my gym clothes on and go.

So instead, I canceled my membership and started working out using YouTube channels for free. You can get everything there from yoga to pilates to lifting weights. Now I even treat myself and pay $12 a month on a special app. So I have gone from $76 a month to $12 a month for something that I truly enjoy.

School supplies

6. School supplies

Back-to-school shopping has become so expensive every year. Every August you get the supply list from all the schools, and they always change, too, which is annoying. You can bring your child in with absolutely everything that the teacher asked for, and the next thing you know, you get a different list a day or two after school starts.

Therefore, what I do is grab that list and check what is on sale at Walmart, at Dollar Tree, at the local supermarket, and in other places accessible to me. Taking a little bit of time and looking around can really save you money. Two years ago, back to school, shopping for school supplies was almost $300 for my kids. This year, it was $110.

Cheap ways to save money

These are all the cheap hacks to save you money I have for you today. What products do you always buy as cheaply as possible, and which ones are you not willing to compromise on? Share in the comments!

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