How This Couple Transformed an Old School Bus Into a Yoga Bus!

by Simplify

Isabelle and Norbert’s inspiring yoga bus, parked in scenic Kaipara, New Zealand, combines a school bus house and a yoga studio. Both Isabelle and Norbert work as yoga instructors and have a dream of doing yoga on the bus and using it to spread yoga to remote areas.

They were inspired by watching Bryce Langston’s videos on alternative living, like the one that they now star in! You can see the video here, where they take you on a tour of their beautiful skoolie conversion:

Isabelle and Norbert have three goals: to declutter, to live on the bus, and to enjoy bus life. At present, they are in the second stage of the process, living on the bus and adjusting to skoolie life, but hope to move on to the third stage of enjoying bus life and traveling on new adventures soon.

In the meantime, they live in a cooperative community with 12 full-time alternative residences, all of which are required to be self-sufficient in order to be part of the community. This means that their school bus tiny home is entirely off-grid, with 4 solar panels and a composting toilet, as well as a gas cooktop and water tanks that they sometimes refill with rainwater.

This skoolie combines combines a school bus house and a yoga studio

The design of the yoga bus is modular, with different tables and benches that can be moved and popped up or down depending on the need. There is also a cloth tent that can be unfolded inside the bus to offer guests privacy, as well as cloth doors for privacy that set off the bathroom from the rest of the area.

A cloth swing can be installed in the doorway if one wishes to swing while taking in beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Most of the materials for the bus makeover were reused and recycled from other places, such as Air France storage bins and the wine barrel shower, which gives their home a distinctly French feel.

Yoga bus tour

Together, Norbert and Isabelle are now inspiring others to embark on their own skoolie journey; showing the beauty of yoga on a bus.

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