This Musician Couple's School Bus Tiny Home Even Features a Tiny Gym

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Cody and Alyssa are a musician couple who love adventure. Their school bus tiny home allows them to travel the country in comfort and style.

Their school bus conversion has a warm and cozy feel, including a shelf with coffee, tea, cereal, and popcorn, a king-size bed with magical fairy lights, a DIY couch made of memory foam and cushions with underneath storage, and two lounge chairs with cup holders, USB plugs, and a box to hold plugs so they don’t go flying when the bus is on the move.

They have a stove and oven that works off a 60-gallon propane tank, a sink connected to a 5-gallon water jug, plenty of counter space, and a ceiling panel with a monitor that checks fresh and graywater levels as well as battery charge, making it easy to keep track of these important aspects of bus living.

In this video they give some school bus conversion ideas and share their story:

When the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic canceled many of their performance engagements, this pair of musicians decided to use the opportunity to travel and create new adventures together.

Thanks to their cover song of “Send Me On My Way” which became a hit on TikTok, they had some extra cash and decided to put it into traveling. This included not only their school bus home conversion but also splurging on things like toll roads in order to go faster.

Something important to the couple was to have room in their school bus home to do their workout routine while on the road, so they installed a tiny home gym with a stair stepper that folds out and a workout bench that doubles as dumbbells.

They also made sure to take important family items with them, such as the large-print Bananagrams gifted to them by Alyssa’s grandmother.

Traveling in a school bus tiny home

School bus tiny home

Together, this musician couple is showing the beauty of traveling the country in a school bus tiny home.

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To see more videos, check out the Tiny Home Tours YouTube channel.

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  • Nin15459775 Nin15459775 on Sep 29, 2022

    Full timed for 10 years and always wanted to outfit a bus. Good for you and educate your kids as travel is so educational. CARE and SKP hugs

    • Susan Rehnberg Susan Rehnberg on Dec 31, 2023

      We full timed of the grid for 15 years in our sixties and seventies and we loved it!

  • Sharon Price Sharon Price on Oct 06, 2022

    This is great for young people. When you get old not so great.

    • Susan Rehnberg Susan Rehnberg on Dec 31, 2023

      We spent fifteen years off the grid in an R. V. In our sixties and seventies and loved it