They Turned a School Bus Into an Incredible Off-Grid Home

by Simplify

Yes, converting a school bus into a tiny home is brave. But with a toddler in tow? Even braver!

Meet the Davis family from Wilmington, North Carolina. They are redefining the all-American road trip in their 100% off-grid skoolie. Both the build and the interiors are truly impressive.

School bus conversion

Raising the roof by 20 inches was a fun welding challenge for Luke, plus the pretty wooden ceilings make the bus feel spacious and homely. Rachel, a former baker, made sure there was plenty of space in the kitchen, lots of storage, plus an oven and four-hob stovetop.

However, the member of the family who has adapted quickest to skoolie life is 2-year-old Charlotte. She can already place 13 states on a map and has explored more of the great outdoors than many people have in their adult lives!

Learn why and how the Davis’ converted a school bus into an incredible off-grid home in the video below:

Luke and Rachel estimate that they spent around $30,000 and 18 months (the same age Charlotte was when they hit the road) renovating their school bus home. A lot of the work was DIY, thanks to Luke’s trade background in fabricating and welding, but there were also some learning curves along the way, such as installing 900 Watts of solar power.

What makes this skoolie unique is that it prioritizes time off-grid, so they decided to use a compost toilet instead of having to dump a black tank every few days.

Of course, there are also a few nifty space-saving features. The dining table folds down, the chairs can stack, and the couch folds out into a bed.

Yet, from looking at the interior, filled with cute design fixtures, you’d never guess this tiny home was once a school bus.

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