Quick and Easy "Use It Up" Meal Plan

We have been cleaning out the freezer and doing some meal prepping.

Our whole meal plan this week was built around freezer meals, so today I want to show you what we have been eating. Here is my "use it up" meal plan for this past week.


We had four sets of minces. Two packs made a lasagna, and another one made a base for a shepherd's pie that I put in the freezer.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The fourth one I just cooked on its own and then turned into a spaghetti Bolognese, as I had been cooking all day and needed something simple. I added a little bit of cheese on top because cheese is good.


Next, I have a meatloaf that I got from Foodland because it was marked down. I made some gravy to go on top of that, as well, of course.

My son does not eat that so he had the chicken nuggets with mash, while the rest of us had the meatloaf.

Chicken Parmesan

The next night, we had chicken Parmesan. We got some cheap chicken burgers that were in the freezer and added some veggies on.

Chicken Kievs

Next, we had chicken Kievs because I got them for cheap from Woolworth's. The children had a mixture of chicken nuggets and triangles as well. My daughter and I had some cauliflower cheese that I found in the freezer, too.

Potato bake

The next night, we are having a potato bake with a chicken on the side. I have a container full of these kinds of packets in the pantry, so I am hoping to go through them all.

I sliced all the potatoes with a food processor, because that was so much faster than doing the side of the potato grater, although it did mean that we had to wash the entire machine.

Then I used up the last bit of cream that we had and a little bit of milk and then mixed all that through.

Chicken and cheese

I had some bulk chicken that I bought at a great price, so I chopped half of the chicken breasts into chunks, and they will go in the freezer for another meal.

For the other half, I did my best to try and make some thin slices (I am not the best chopper). We did a mix of Parmesan cheese with Panko breadcrumbs, which made for a really nice crisp. I only do it on one side.

Breaded chicken

I served this with the potato bake.

Fish and chips

The next night we had fish and chips. I got a side salad, too. The children just had some chicken Parmesan because they are not fans of fish.

Chicken balls

My last freezer clean out meal was based on chicken balls that I found. I cooked those in the oven because it is less fatty that way and cooks a little bit more evenly.

Chicken risotto

And then I made the chicken risotto base and put chicken meatballs in there instead of the usual shredded chicken. My daughter did not like it, though.

"Use it up" meal plan

I hope I have inspired you to do a freezer clean out at your house as well and get creative with the meals you make out of your finds.

This is definitely something I recommend doing on a regular basis, in order to save you the trouble of going to the store unnecessarily, not waste food, and free up space in the freezer for the next batch of goodies.

How often do you clean out your freezer? Do you ever leave foods there and forget they exist? Feel free to share your freezer habits in the comments below!

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Nov 10, 2023
    Leftover meatloaf can be made into sandwiches, taco filling, spaghetti and add crumbled meat into sauce, scramble eggs and add crumbled meat loaf and add cheese. Add to a pot of homemade veggie soup. Five meals from one protein source.