10 Quick and Frugal Lunches

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It’s frugal food Friday! I don’t have a specific recipe to share today, but I wanted to pull together a round-up of 10 quick and easy lunches. Here are my personal favorite frugal lunches. These lunch ideas are perfect for large family meal planning on a budget, too!

Quick and Frugal Lunches

Egg Salad Sandwiches

2-3 hard boiled eggs, smashed

1-2 TBSP. mayo

2-3 dashes paprika

1 TBSP. pickle relish

Mix it all together and place on toasted bread.

Tuna Salad Sandwiches

1 can tuna

1 hard boiled egg, diced

1 apple, peeled and diced

1 green onion, chopped

1-2 TBSP. mayo

1 pickle, diced

Mix it all together and serve on toasted bread.

Homemade Lunchables

Just cut lunchmeat and cheese into squares and serve with crackers. I like to include celery and bell pepper sticks to round it out a little better.

Toaster Pizzas

Toast some bread. You can use anything you want: bagels, English muffins, sandwich bread, French bread, whatever you have on hand.

Spread marinara sauce over toasted bread and top with mozzarella cheese and other toppings such as pepperoni, sliced black olives, diced onion, diced bell pepper, whatever you like. Place back in the oven (or toaster oven) until cheese is melted.

Chef Salad

1 heart of romaine, chopped

10 grape tomatoes, sliced

1-2 boiled eggs, diced

Diced lunchmeat

Shredded cheese

Your favorite dressing and other toppings

Mix it all up and enjoy!

Black Bean and Rice Tacos

1 cup cooked rice

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 can tomatoes and chilis

2-3 tsp. chili powder

2 tsp. cumin


Shredded cheese


Mix and heat first five ingredients. Place in tortillas and top with shredded cheese and salsa!

Stuffed Potatoes

1 baked potato

Stuff it with leftover BBQ, baked beans, or top with a can of your favorite chili and cheese! Easy peasy, and yummy!

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