1 Dollar Meals You Can Make in Your Crockpot This Fall

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Miranda, the popular vlogger behind Flourishing Miranda, has a couple of new 1-dollar meals to share with you today. She says these dirt cheap crockpot meals are perfect for fall weather. So, whether you’re interested in cooking them for yourself or sharing them with your entire family, you simply can’t miss out on these affordable crockpot recipes as the weather cools down this season.

The two crockpot meals on a budget that Miranda loves to make this time of year the most are potato soup and vegetarian chili. For each of these easy crockpot recipes, Miranda breaks down the cost by ingredient.

She also offers reasonable substitutions to appeal to various tastes and help you use ingredients you already have at home. Because when you use things up, you save even more.

In addition to the two 1 dollar meals she shares, Miranda says that you can also save money and enjoy the homemade goodness of mixing up your own seasoning blends. Miranda likes making her own taco, fajita, blackened, and chili seasoning blends at home.

1 dollar crockpot meals

But no matter what you’re whipping up, Miranda says she enjoys mixing all of the ingredients together without actually measuring them out. And it’s OK if you prefer to cook with exact measurements in your kitchen, just like it’s OK for her to cook her favorite 1-dollar meals without measuring in her kitchen.

All that really matters, Miranda says, is experimenting with different flavors, trying your hand out at new recipes, including the crockpot recipes she’s sharing today, and enjoying the meals you create at home.

1 dollar meals

Making the perfect crockpot meals on a budget is as simple as throwing a variety of whole foods and seasonings into your crockpot. And these delicious 1 dollar meals are proof of that.

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To see more videos, check out the Flourishing Miranda YouTube channel.

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