Is There Anything Healthy on the McDonald's Menu?

by Simplify

Is McDonald’s healthy–at all? Bobby Parrish of FlavCity investigates. He shares the healthy McDonald’s options that he found–and it wasn’t easy. Other countries have banned the ingredients that McDonald’s still uses in the United States. He begins by diving into the Big Mac.

1. Big Mac

It’s not the best choice, because that secret sauce is super scary. Why? It’s filled with four kinds of sugar, including GMO high-fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring, which is considered a carcinogen, and pickles injected with nasty preservatives.

2. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

There’s no sauce! Take off the top bun, ask for it without ketchup (corn syrup), and you’ll have the healthiest burger option here.

3. World Famous Fries

They aren’t just fries cooked in cruddy GMO oils. They’re also fried in hydrogenated soybean oil and “natural beef flavor.” The question is–why? Pass on these fries.

4. Chicken McNuggets and Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The nuggets are the better option. Why? The crispy chicken sandwiches include manmade MSG which is devastating for your health, then fried in crappy oil. The nuggets don’t have MSG though they are still fried and include yeast extract.

McDonald's meal on a tray

5. Egg McMuffin

Get this minus the sausage and avoid the biscuit-style sandwich. Avoid the hashbrowns–they’re fried with “natural beef flavor.”

6. Oatmeal

This should be healthy, right? No! It’s very sweet thanks to brown sugar, caramel coloring, and awful preservatives that induce inflammation.

7. Filet-O-Fish Meal

It tastes like cod, but it’s really pollock, which is the cheapest, low-quality white fish, then fried in bad oil.

8. Iced Mocha

Sweet, savory, and salty–yummy. It has 35 grams of sugar (that’s nine teaspoons), caramel coloring, and preservatives.

Is there anything healthy at Mcdonald's?

Are you lovin’ it yet? Bobby only had one true healthy McDonald's option. Let us know if you have another healthy menu item at McDonald’s that Bobby may have missed.

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