My Minimalist Skincare Routine: How to Get Clear, Beautiful Skin

Kat Thinks and Codes
by Kat Thinks and Codes

I'm going to talk about my minimalist skincare routine. I will talk about the four products I use and how I managed to maintain my skin healthy and glowing with the minimalist setup. I'll show you the minimalist way to have clear, beautiful, healthy skin.

Sleep Routine

I truly believe that healthy skin does not only depend on the products, and there are a lot of aspects to it. One of them that I'm going

to mention is sleep routine. This, for me, has been a game changer with my skin routine.

Having a specific sleep routine is essential for many aspects of your body, especially for your skin. It has been super important for me to feel energized and healthy and have a clear head and skin.

I usually go to sleep around 10:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and wake up around 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. This is the routine that I maintain even on the weekend, even when I'm visiting someone. What I noticed earlier when I was pulling all-nighters is that when I don't have enough sleep, my skin starts breaking out the next few days.


Another thing that I want to mention that is super important is nutrition. Having a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a healthy diet are very important for your skin.

Having enough protein and carbohydrates, having enough vegetables on my plate, and reducing my oil and sugar intake have positively affected my skin.


I'm still struggling with drinking a lot of water, but I feel like it's super important to have clear skin.


One last thing that I want to mention in this category is exercising. Every time I have a good workout, all the toxins go out of my body, and my skin feels much clearer and healthier.

These are just some basic things that contributed to my skin's general texture and feel. Since we cleared these basics out of the way, I can now show you the products that I'm using.

I will add a disclaimer that these products work for me but might not work for you. So when choosing the product, it's essential to observe your skin, how it reacts to it, and what it does to you, and stop using it if it doesn't work out. I'm only using four products, which helps with my minimalist skincare approach.

Oil Control Foam Wash from Cetaphil

1. Foam wash

The first product in my minimalist skincare routine I want to mention and use for cleansing is Oil Control Foam Wash from Cetaphil. This is a very basic, affordable product. I find it works very well for me. I have an oily t-zone, and my nose can get oily. So this product is excellent for cleansing my skin of all the oils before I start my other skincare steps.

Exfoliant with apricot seeds

2. Exfoliant

The second product that I use, and this is for exfoliating my skin, is called Organic Face Scrub by Lovo Organics. This is a small Canadian brand I bought from that is vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and from a small company I want to support.

This is an extra gentle exfoliator. It has the apricot seed in it, which is ground. It creates excellent exfoliation on your skin and helps remove all the dry skin and elements on your face. So I do like doing this every two, three days.

Face mask

3. Face mask

My third product is called Organic Detox Mask - Skin SuperFood. This mask is made with Spirulina, and it's quite thin on your face,

but I do like the smooth texture it gives to your skin. Applying the mask adds some moisture and vitamins to your skin.

You will notice in all my skincare steps that I use a lot of small brands versus big famous brands because I think that we should support local brands, and often they are more affordable, and you can find great products.

Face cream

4. Face cream

My fourth and last step is face cream. So, again, Lovo Organics. I usually apply this in the morning after my shower and in the evening before I go to sleep. Sometimes it's just once a day. This cream is quite light, and this is what I especially appreciate about it. I don't like a very thick layer of cream on my face.

Makeup remover

5. Makeup remover

What about makeup removal or other stuff? I do have a few more things that I don't use \ every day because I don't wear makeup every day. That's why I didn't include them in the general overview of my products.

If I have makeup and need to remove it, I'm using micellar water for that. I cannot say I love it. This is why I'm not going to recommend it. It has quite a sticky, weird texture and removes makeup, but I have had this bottle for almost a year and a half, and I'm really excited to finish it.

SPF lotion

6. SPF lotion

The next thing that I have is an extra SPF because, in the summer, my face tends to burn a lot. I use this both for my body and my face, the same product. This is SPF 45. This is pretty great. Again, I had this for probably almost a year and a half. This is quite a small bottle, and it served me pretty well.

Tea tree oil

7. Tea tree oil

In case I have some breakout or pimple, I use just a drop of tea tree oil. This is just 100% tea tree oil, natural oil. It's very natural, doesn't have any additives or any chemicals in it, just a natural oil. When I apply it on a pimple overnight, what it does is it just dries it out, and it stops inflammation, and initially reduces the pimple.

Minimalist skincare routine

This is my minimalist skincare routine. Most of the time, I use just four products. The three extras are for special occasions, like removing makeup or applying on a pimple. If you have anything from your minimalist skincare routine to recommend, please let me know in the comments below.

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