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It's that time of year again, and I'm ready for Christmas decorating. I always opt for minimalist Christmas decor because I try to apply the minimalist approach in all areas of my life.

I want to show you my minimalist Christmas tree and decor, which works exceptionally well this year because I have a crawling baby in the house.

Minimalist Christmas decor

Tree in a vase

My mom cut some redwood branches from the trees in their backyard and put them in a little vase. I think it's perfect. We strung some lights on it and hung a few ornaments we had. I can put the gifts up high so the baby can't get into them. 

Mini Christmas tree decor

Mini trees

The other thing I bought, which I'm not one to go out and buy Christmas decor, was little mini trees. They're the cutest things ever. They were in the dollar section; they're ceramic and so cute. If they don't break, I'll use them year after year. 

Minimalist wood tree

Wood tree

The third tree I bought was a wooden one from Target. I just thought it was so unique, so I paired it on the counter with two other little trees and a little bit of the excess redwood tree branches, and it just looks adorable. 

Natural garland of dried oranges

Natural garland

The other decor I have is a really cute orange garland that my mom made me. She baked some oranges in the oven and then put them on some string, which just looked charming.

I also made a little felt garland with reds and greens for Christmas colors. These are all things that are handmade and special, and unique. 

Hanging up stockings with command strips


I put our little stockings up with some command strips, and it's a 

perfect little Christmas area. 

Mini tree night light

That's it for my minimalist decor, besides a little mini tree night light that I bring out and put in the bathroom. 

Zion's Christmas

I'm excited to show you guys what I got Zion for his first Christmas.

As the years go on, my husband and I will solidify what we want to do for our kids for Christmas gifts. I know for sure I don't want to have the focus of the season just be on the gifts, but I do want to give them things that are both educational and intentional gifts. 

This year for Zion, I filled a stocking with practical things. Next year as he gets older and as we add on to our family we think we'll do a stocking, mostly just practical, small things, then do one or two kinds of bigger gifts they can open under the tree. 

Then what I want to do is focus on experiences every year. While giving gifts is important and it makes a child feel loved, they'll remember the experiences you have as a family.

We can do something like a trip as a family maybe the following year. It could be significant, like going overseas somewhere, or small, like going to the aquarium or Disneyland. 

Let me tell you what I got Zion for his stocking. First, I got him little Mushie finger toothbrushes. I just thought they were so cute and something practical. He's starting to get teeth, which helps them get used to brushing. 

Mushie spoons

The next thing is some Mushie spoons. He has two spoons already, but I'm always looking for them so just having a few extra ones is excellent, especially now that he's eating a lot more solids. 

Burt's Bees pajamas

The next thing I got him was just some Burt's Bees pajamas. They have little bunny rabbits on them. So cute. 

I got him some socks and stockings from Little Stocking Co. They're super cute cable-knit ones. I like buying neutral things because I can use them for a boy or girl. 

Then I bought him little balloon romper things. I've seen many people use these with high socks, and it just looks so cute on babies. Again, you can use them for a boy and a girl. 

Minimalist Christmas items

Lastly, I was at an antique store in my town and found a cute little wooden cup. 

I wanted to buy it with the purpose of something that he can learn to drink out of cups. It's just so stinking cute. 

That's everything that I got him. He's nine months old, and he's not going to remember any of this, but I still just wanted to get him a few small practical things he can wear and use throughout the year.

As far as toys and stuff, I didn't personally get him any of that just because I knew that a lot of family members had reached out asking what they could get him. I sent them ideas about toys and different things.

Minimalist Christmas

So that is my minimalist Christmas. We've kept the decor and gifts simple because we have a baby, so minimalism works very well for us. What traditions do you have for your kids at Christmas? Comment below to share what you do for your family each year!

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  • P P on Dec 23, 2022

    when our daughter was tiny, we had hand-me-down clothes & thrift store books to read to her, so we bought her US Savings Bonds for birthday & Christmas. By the time she got married, they had matured & the money we had spent had doubled so she got a nice nest egg for the start of her adult life, instead of more 'entertaining for 2 minutes' toys my pal calls 'vacuum -cleaner fodder'

  • Jill Wiegand Jill Wiegand on Dec 05, 2023

    Working on a minimal lifestyle. Too much commercialism. When you have too many items it's overwhelming I believe. The simple and beautiful items you present take center stage.