Ways to Save Money for Christmas

Becky | Freebie Lady
by Becky | Freebie Lady

Do you want to know ways to save money for Christmas? I am going to tell you five apps that I use to pay for Christmas. Yes, folks, Christmas is completely free for me. I will let you in on my secrets.

Fetch Rewards
How to use Fetch Rewards

1. Fetch Rewards

I love Fetch Rewards with all of my heart! It’s so simple to use and now they've made it even easier. It connects directly to your Amazon and Instacart accounts and others.

You get points back for things that you've already bought anyway. It's literally like free money. The app also offers specials so it will give you points back if you buy specific items, which I rarely do. Right now in my Fetch Rewards account, I have $589.

Here is the proof right here. And what I'll do is I will just keep it in there until it gets closer to Christmas, and then I just cash it out all at once.


2. Swagbucks

I'm sure you've heard of Swagbucks. I know Swagbucks has a really bad reputation, but honestly, if used correctly, it's great.

I think one of the reasons it has a bad reputation is that people go into it thinking they're going to be able to pay the rent with Swagbucks, But none of these apps pay the rent because they are known as “beer money or coffee money” sites.

You're going to make a little bit of money every month, but a little bit of money every month over the course of the year really adds up. That's the way I look at it.

So you can use Swagbucks in several different ways–you can take surveys, watch videos, or use it as a cash-back app and a little bit of money on Swagbucks can really add up. Right now at Swagbucks, I have almost 70,000 points, and that equals almost $700.

Instant GC app

3. Instant GC

Not many people have heard about this app, which is what I like most about it. You don't have to do anything except log into your account once a week, and they give you bonus points. All you need is $1 to check out.

You can do little surveys or watch movies for extra points. Already with Instant GC, I have 13,000 points, and that means I can cash them out for about $130 in free gift cards.

MyPoints home screen
MyPoints for rewards

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is a sister company of Swagbucks and it's basically run the same way. You can do surveys, watch movies, and do little things to get points that you can cash in for gift cards. And right now, with MyPoints, I have 7,000 points, which equals out to a little under $50 in gift cards.

GetUpside app

5. GetUpside

My newest app–which is kind of new on the market–is GetUpside. It’s great with gas prices so high and it’s easy to use. You check in at the gas station and get points off per gallon. You can take that money and cash it in for actual cash in a PayPal account or for gift cards. I've only used it twice, and I'm already up to almost $10, so I suspect by the time Christmas comes, I will have more than $100 in that account.

Slide cash-back app

Other ways to save money for Christmas

But I don't stop at getting free gift cards. I want to tell you about the other techniques that I use to get Christmas for free. I have even more tips on how to use those free gift cards!

Tip 1: Follow the sales

After every holiday, the major retailers usually put all of the holiday merchandise 80 to 90 percent off for clearance and I watch for those sales.

To watch for those sales I follow specific hashtags on Instagram–such as Walgreens Clearance, Target Clearance, or Walmart Clearance. There are also some great Target Clearance Facebook groups and Walmart's Clearance Facebook groups.

Tip 2: Buy discounted gift cards for free

I buy discounted gift cards with the gift cards that I get for free. So I can go on eBay and use a Visa gift card that I got for free and then buy an Amazon gift card at a discounted price on eBay or other discounted gift card places.

Tip 3: Use a cash-back app

There's a really, really good brand-new app called Slide. You get 4 percent back for every purchase you make and it connects right to your bank account. That money goes right back into your bank account.

Tip 4: Sign up for freebies

And last but not least, start signing up for freebies right now. Got to my blog, www.freebielady.com, where I list six to 10 new freebies every single day. Sign up for every one of them and you’ll start getting flooded with freebies in your mailbox.

I tell you how to know that these freebies are real and legit, too. Save up all of the beauty and other free samples and then make beauty gift baskets with them.

A basket of 25 free beauty samples is the best gift and it’s completely free on your end. But this is something that you can't start on December 24th. You have to start that now!

Ways to save money for Christmas

Those apps and tips are my best ways to save money for Christmas. You can do all of this to score gifts any time of the year, too! Let me know the ways you save money for Christmas by sharing in the comments below.

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