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Are you looking for Halloween party ideas that are fun, memorable and inexpensive? Then you’ve come to the right place! Why not create a new family tradition this year?

We have ideas for decorations, themed Halloween parties, games, food, snacks, costumes and lots of ideas for kids of all ages. Create memories with your family and friends that will last a lifetime.

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Family and family traditions have always been at the for front of my life. Not only do I cherished the traditions that my parents instilled in me, but also the traditions I share with my children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

Traditions are an important part in creating a happy home. Indeed, they help create happy children and adults. Traditions strengthen family relationships, and provide a sense of identity.

Creating a home where children feel valued, safe and loved is more important than ever in our world today. Clearly, family traditions are a fantastic way to celebrate life and the love that binds a family together.

Traditions give us a sense of belonging and help us celebrate generations of family. More importantly, traditions create positive memories for children. Undoubtedly, children crave this connection with family that comes with traditions.

Our family Halloween party tradition began 33 years ago as a birthday party for my sister. Without a doubt, this annual Halloween party is one of our favorite family gatherings.

With the conditions of the pandemic we have faced this year, I asked my 83 year-old dad if he felt comfortable to get together for our annually Halloween party. He assured me he wanted this tradition to continue, pandemic or not, the party will go on! (of course in a safe way.)

Not only is this party important to my dad, but the kids need some sort of normalcy. They need these traditions to feel safe and have a hope for the future.

We invite you to scroll down to see our ideas for creating a fun, memorable and successful Halloween party. Definitely, there is excitement and anticipation whether you are 3 or 83.

Before I start planning my Halloween party I like to choose a theme. Whether it’s Frankenstein, a Haunted Forest, or Wild Witch party, will determine the ideas for invitations, decorations, food, costume and games.

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween party theme ideas:

  • Monster Mash
  • Dine in the Dungeon
  • A Wickedly Witchy Halloween Party
  • Not Your Mummy’s Halloween Party
  • Ghostly Gala
  • Howl-0-ween Party
  • Jack-o-lantern Jamboree
  • The Witching Hour
  • Fang-tastic Fiesta
  • Spine Tingling Soiree

Every guest needs an invitation for the Halloween party. I know my guests look forward to receiving their invitation each year.

Invitations can be elaborate or simple. Whether they are handmade, purchased or digital, they set the tone for your party.

I’m in love with Steph’s skeleton themed decorations this year. Wouldn’t you too want an invitation to this Bone Chilling Bash?

Whether your Halloween party theme is witches or mummy’s, greeting your guest at the door with themed decor will set the mood for your Halloween soiree.

This year for my Halloween party, I’ve chosen the theme of “Batty Halloween Wing Ding”. With this in mind, I have placed bats throughout my house, on the fireplace mantle, on the walls, on the chandelier as well as the front porch. Undoubtedly, it’s sure to be a batty good time!

When hosting a Halloween party, not only is the food an important element, but also the presentation. We always have a dinner, but hors d’oeuvres and snacks for a more casual party are great too.

Some of our favorite finger foods we serve are:

  • Monster eyes (mini cheese balls with an olive slice)
  • Veggie tray with a cauliflower brain
  • Mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped with strips of crescent dough)
  • Bandaged fingers (hot dog wrapped in strips of tortilla, dipped in ketchup)
  • Bat wings (Black tortilla chips) and Pumpkin puke (guacamole served in a pumpkin)
  • Monster swabs (sucker sticks with a marshmallow on each end, dipped in orange marmalade.

Over the years, we’ve found some favorite Halloween party foods that we fix year after year, such as Dinner in a Pumpkin. It’s a savory meal that is cooked in a pumpkin. We only make it once a year and look forward to this feast.

In addition to this, we serve funny bones (breadsticks) with dragon’s blood (marinara sauce) and Wild greens (tossed salad) with grasshopper dressing (creamy tomatillo salad dressing).

Another important elements to the Halloween buffet are the food labels. Everyone enjoys seeing the eerie description of what they are about to eat.

However, one year I made a kitty litter cake for dessert. It looked so realistic, and unappetizing that no one would eat it.

No Halloween party would be complete without a special Witches Brew. Clearly, making the brew is one of the activities that the kiddos look forward to each year.

Not only do they each take turns adding the ingredients to the brew, but when the magic of the frozen venom (dry ice) is added it fascinates each one of them.

Beside to click on the link to get this yummy recipe!

A Halloween party just wouldn’t be complete without a few party games.

Here are a few of our families favorites:

Donut Race- First, place donuts on a string, then race to see who can eat their donut first without it falling off the string. Of course, no hands are allowed! Our family gets pretty competitive with this game! With this in mind, I’d recommend playing this game outside, it can get pretty messy.

Decorate treat bags- Let the kiddos get creative and decorate sacks or bags with markers and stickers for all of their treats.

Piñata- I don’t know of a kid who doesn’t love a piñata. Find a fun Halloween piñata and let the kids have at it!

Mummy wrap- Another family favorite! For this game you will need one roll of toilet paper for each pair of contestants. One person will wrap the other person up like a mummy. First one to use up their entire roll of toilet paper wins!

Monster stomp- Begin by dividing into 2 teams. One teams will have black balloons tied to their ankles and one team orange balloons tied to their ankles. The object of the game is to pop all of the balloons on the other team, while trying to preserve your own. Warning this game can get wild, but it sure is fun!

Carve or decorate pumpkins

Witch Pitch- Pitch bean bags into a cauldron.

Relay Races- Simple relay races with marshmallow or candy are always fun. We’ve also used a kitty litter box and scoop and pick up rolled Tootsie Rolls and deposit them on the other side of the lawn.

Brain toss- The year of our Frankenstein party, we play “Frankie Need a Brain”. I found rubber brains at Dollar Tree and we tossed them into Frank’s head.

Candy Bar Game- First, wrap up a giant candy bar with multiply layers of wrapping paper. Then, have everyone sits around a table and roll dice, if you get doubles you get to try to unwrap the candy bar. However, you have to wear winter gloves and you only get to try to unwrap the candy bar until the next person rolls doubles. For this game we made our own “Googly Eye Dice” with 2 blocks of wood and adhesive google eyes.

There is always anticipation to see what characters will attend our party each year. My dad shocked me last year with his Joker costume. In fact with his makeup he looks so scary to me.

Most often the costumes are homemade or from thrift store finds, but no matter what, they are all so creative.

As I have looked over these pictures of past Halloween parties, it has put a smile on my face. Not only do I have fond memories from each of these parties, but I have such a deep love for each member of my family. I am so blessed to have each one a part of my life. It is a pleasure to plan, prepare and host our family Halloween party each year.

We hope you are inspired to start a new tradition with your family and host a spooky Halloween party. So, go and create memories with your family this year!

Please share with us what traditions you do with your family surrounding the Halloween holiday. We are always looking for new and fun ideas to try.

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