10 Ways to Makeover a Family Room With Cozy Home Decor

Welcome to Canterbury Cottage! Today, I’ll show you the makeover of our family room where we spend most of our time.

If you’re looking for tips on cozy home decor, you’ll want to read about how I made the room as warm and welcoming as possible using things I already owned. I also set aside $100 for this DIY home decor makeover. Let me show you around the room.

Family room before the makeover

Family room before

Family room

I needed to work on an alcove, a huge brick wall surrounding the fireplace, and a wall of patio doors behind the sofa. There’s also a step up into the kitchen which is awkward.

I wanted to keep a velvet chair I bought at Restoration Hardware for $100. I also decided to keep a thrifted fireplace screen that’s actually a piece of metal wall decor that I painted white, but I will stage my mantel differently. The mantel is ceramic made to look like wood, painted gray, which goes with the silver I have around the room. But I’m hoping to get rid of a lot of the silver accents elsewhere.

Adding black for coziness

1. Add in a lot of black

Warm colors, especially black, amp up a room’s coziness factor. I replaced an end table with a thrifted end table for less than $10. I cleaned it well, primed it, then applied two coats of black paint using a small microfiber roller for a smooth finish. I applied gold to the table’s legs to eliminate the silver.

How to create a cozy aesthetic

I loved my original table but the darker, more traditional look in black will fit the cozy aesthetic much better. After it was painted and dried, I added a wicker basket on the shelf filled with magazines. I decorated the table following the rule of three, adding three items of different shapes and sizes to the tabletop.

Painted end table

I liked the look so much that I painted the other end table black, too. I left the wood top alone, though, to add to the warmth of the room.

Thrift flip decor

I found some decor pieces at the thrift store. I spray-painted the items with matte black paint and applied gold wax over the top of the dried paint. Then I wiped most of it off with a shop cloth to get that aged, textured, and shimmery effect. It now sits on my mantel.

Changing pillows and throws

2. Change pillows and pillow covers

Changing out pillow covers is a fast and easy way to increase the coziness factor. IKEA’s pillow covers are very affordable. I found a couple of extra pillows in different shapes at Tuesday Morning. 

3. Add textural, soft throws

When I was at IKEA, I found a super soft navy throw to replace the white one I’ve used for years. I added another colorful afghan at the other end of the sofa.

Adding plants and flowers

4. Use warm metallics

I had already removed some of the cool metallics from the room. I eliminated the silver trunk I was using as a coffee table and replaced it with a black and wood trunk that I took out of my son’s bedroom.

5. Add plants and flowers

Then I staged the cozy look with a plant. Real, faux, or dried flowers add a cozy factor.

A no-fail way to stage a rectangular coffee table is to place a round tray on one side and a short pile of books on the other side. Then add a small plant or flower to the tray or in a small pot on top of the books.

I like to leave room in the tray to corral remote controls and other small items.

Mixing antiques with contemporary decor

6. Mix antiques into the decor

A room filled with only new modern or contemporary items often feels cold and impersonal. Mix antique or vintage items into your decor to warm it up. Every room should have something old in it.

I added a vintage birdcage in the room. This is how I remade the back corner. My back corner had a cooler look with silver and white vases and candles. The aesthetic of the room changed after I simply took away the white vase and added the rusty birdcage. I filled the cage with faux pumpkins painted ivory and simply enhanced the cozy look by replacing cool whites around the room.

7. Replace cool whites

A room can still be cozy with a lot of white. But creamy whites and ivories are warmer and cozier than stark white.

Changing out the curtains

8. Change out the curtains

I wanted to change the bright white curtains for something warmer. First I tried the beige curtains from my kitchen, but I didn’t love them. Then I tried blue curtains from my son’s bedroom. Nothing was working for me!

I’m still undecided. But … velvet may work. I love velvet drapery right now. Which drapes do you like best? Help me to decide!

Covering empty walls

9. Cover empty walls

Bare walls in a room may look cold. I replaced some bright white tiles with a larger thrifted floral print from my dining room.

Replacing silver and white with gold, beige, and brown

I took out a lot of silver and white items and replaced them with gold, beige, and brown items.

Cozy home decor

10. Layer in the lamps and candles

I love burning candles for their cozy look. I refurbished my lamp bases with a new, warmer color and texture by brushing on a coating of lime.

Cozy home decor

What do you think of my cozy DIY room makeover? Do you think these cozy home decor ideas made a difference in my family room? Have you cozied up a room using tips and ideas you can share here?

And please, let me know which drapes you think I should use! I’m still deciding!

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