3 Easy Mistakes to Make With Dollar Tree Stackable Planters

Once Upon a Tiny Farm
by Once Upon a Tiny Farm

I'm going to show you how I failed at growing strawberries with Dollar Tree stackable planters. I was able to grow lots of strawberry greens in the planter, but what you don’t see are strawberries. I have been able to get tiny strawberries. I’ll go over the issues I have with my Dollar Tree stackable three-tier planter.

Strawberries drying out

Mistake 1: letting them dry out

These planters dry out way too fast. And, it didn’t help that we haven’t had much rain, either. From what I understand, strawberries need lots of water.

Even though I was watering the planter in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and watering it really well, it still dried out way too fast. I even added peat moss on top to keep in moisture. It wasn’t enough.

Stacking strawberry planters too high

Mistake 2: stacking them too high

I stacked the planters 12 high. I thought that bigger and taller would be better. But after taking care of my neighbor’s plants that are grown in the same Dollar Tree stackable plant system (shown here), I see my mistake. They only stacked them three or four high.

There are more benefits to shorter stacks. The short stacks are easier to water each level and they are easier to rotate so each side gets sun. My 12-high planter is so heavy, I can’t rotate it so some plants don’t get much sun.

The plants would grow better and more evenly if I had the flexibility of rotating the towers. Next year I will put lower stacks on a palette and rotate them throughout the day.

Dollar Tree stackable planters

Mistake 3: poor accessibility to a water source

I put the tower too far away from my water sources. I forgot to water the planter a couple of times because I put it at the end of my 400-square-foot garden space. My sprinkler and my garden hoses just didn’t reach far enough.

I recently put one of my stackable planters in a place that’s much easier to water in between beds (in the photo to the left) so the water can reach it easily.

Dollar Tree stackable planter

Though I’m disappointed in how my strawberries turned out in these Dollar Tree stackable planters, I learned a lot of lessons for next year. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and grow more food than I am in these planters.

Let me know if you are able to grow strawberries by sharing your tips. Also, let me know any tricks and tips for successfully using the Dollar Tree stackable planters.

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  • Lisa Hetterick Lisa Hetterick on Aug 07, 2023

    You might try Mignonette strawberries - a miniature, runnerless type. You will need to start them from seed that you can get from Burpee. Being a miniature variety, they don't need as much room as regular strawberries. Mine made tiny strawberries the first year, and they may be small, but they have great flavor. The second year, the strawberries were bigger and more abundant. It won't provide you with a whole lot of berries, but they are pretty and I enjoy the few I get while I am in the garden.

  • Colleen Colleen on Aug 09, 2023

    My first year with these,

    A complete disaster.

    All grew way to leggy stems about 10 ins long produced about 4 leaves on each plant, no flowers,

    All had drilled holes for drainage. Feed well watered well.

    Going back to pots next year!