6 Amazing Benefits of Vertical Gardens

I had a lot of reservations, but switching to vertical gardens was one of the best decisions I ever made. It has been the solution to a number of walls I was hitting as a small space gardener.

Today, I want to talk to you about why vertical gardens are a better option than containers for those of us that are growing on decks, patios, or with limited land.

Up until this past summer, I was 100% a container gardener. I’ve grown in everything from buckets to cloth bags.

Going forward, I will be moving away from that. If you are on the fence about vertical gardening, continue reading so I can share 6 benefits I’ve found to vertical gardening and 1 regret.

Vertical garden

1. Maximize your grow space

The first reason I’m switching to vertical gardening is that they are the unbeatable solution to maximizing your growth space.

If you are like me, you want to grow as much as you possibly can, but you also have to reconcile that you are in a tight space. It’s only a matter of time before you look around and realize you don’t have space for another container or pot.

Using a vertical gardening solution means instead of growing out you’re growing up and essentially creating grow space out of thin air.

Vertical garden

2. Less maintenance than containers

If you have a large collection of containers it requires a lot more maintenance than you would think.

Before I switched to vertical gardening, I had roughly 40 containers. If you’re using plastic containers you need to create drainage holes.

Plastic containers can also get very heavy and difficult to move as your plants grow and temperature and light requirements change.

Clay pots look amazing, but they require more frequent watering than plastic.

Cloth bags are another option and they do provide excellent aeration and are environmentally-friendly. The issue is cloth bags are extremely porous so they require frequent watering. They will also need to be replaced every few years.

Vertical garden

3. Better for your body

Vertical growing is easier on your body. While I do enjoy the physical component of gardening, earlier this year I had a knee injury. That meant I couldn’t do as much lifting and shifting.

With vertical gardens you’re standing in one spot to water, fertilize and harvest your garden.

Doing a lot of bending and moving around can be tough on the body, especially the back. Being able to work standing up makes everything easier.


4. Aesthetics and health

Vertical gardens add a visual component of beauty. Growing vertically increases air circulation and decreases pests and diseases.

Being in a more compact place also means they can also be easily covered with shade or frost-protective cloth.  


5. Practicality

It’s incredibly simple to take apart the sections of the vertical garden to move things in and out.

When I need to bring parts of my vertical garden inside to plant seeds I can easily remove and reattach parts of the planter.

The fact that it can come apart in pieces gives me lots of different options for use.


6. Easier growth and healthier crops

Researching vertical gardening made me realize that the science behind it is hard to ignore. It grows healthier plants, increases crop production, and creates less pest pressure.

I was able to quadruple what I grow and harvest just by growing vertically.

In turn, it’s also increased my confidence in my ability to grow things even in a small space.


That is the best feeling. It provides motivation and encouragement to be able to see how successfully I can grow. It’s given me confidence along my journey as a farmer. 

I do have one regret when it comes to vertical gardening. I should have spent a little more money to buy the plant supporters.

Even though my vines grew super thick and healthy, it was a problem that they didn’t have anything to lean on.

It just wasn’t in my budget this year, but now I realize the supports are sort of essential to have for vertical gardening.

Figuring out your growing space takes time. Whether you’re in a small space or you have tons of land. I feel really great about upcoming gardening projects after having tried a number of solutions.

Now I have something that will be set and sustainable for years to come!

Vertical garden benefits

My advice to you would be this: If you currently have containers, continue growing in them. But if you want to expand your garden, hold off and save your money so you can try a vertical container.

There are so many undeniable benefits, making it well worth the investment.

Do you have thoughts, questions, or experiences you can share regarding vertical gardening? Leave me a comment so we can chat and help each other.  

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  • Mar9943114 Mar9943114 on Jul 11, 2023

    I would love this concept for garden, however how does the vertucal garden do in strong hot winds? Desert gardening.

  • Adriana Adriana on Jul 11, 2023

    I usually have a regular garden which means a lot of time bending and/ or on your knees and it has been getting tougher. Would like to start a vertical garden but have never tried it before. Not sure which containers to use or how to get started. Can you help me with that? Thanks!

    • Danielle Danielle on Jul 24, 2023

      I got my vertical pots from dollar tree to start me out. I also have containers