The Best Ways to Declutter For More Space, Time & Money

I've gotten rid of almost everything I own in the past year and have come up with the best ways to declutter in the process. Decluttering truly changed my life for the better. Less stuff means less time spent on stuff.

I've spent less time organizing and looking for things and have more space, time, and money for myself.

The best ways to declutter

I'm starting to realize that the change was much bigger than that. With the things I decluttered, I also left behind what they represented. Many other things include bad habits, a consumer lifestyle, and a scarcity mindset.

It was undeniable that the stuff I owned strongly connected to my mental state of being. By decluttering, I realized I was also shedding a part of myself. Today I thought I would share with you the things I got rid of to live my best life. 

Starting decluttering 

When I started decluttering, I looked for things I rarely used. Heels, hats, jewelry, because I never wore them, lots of makeup and skincare products that I only used a handful of times, and books that were recommended to me but never read.

None of these things were me. That's when I realized how much I prioritized creating an image of my life for other people's perception and validation rather than my contentment.  

Finding who you are

When you eliminate the excess, you find out who you are. I learned pretty quickly that I don't mind wearing my favorite clothes over and over again. I like having a simple and quick makeup and skincare routine, and I prefer having a house that feels like a peaceful sanctuary with those things I let go of.

I also gave up living to create an image of my life for others. I realized that no amount of validation would feel as good as living my truth.  

I got rid of many things that didn't align with who I am today and am becoming. I finally got rid of my college books because I knew I would never reread them. 

Decluttering clothing

Clothing items that I've outgrown, old paintings, and art supplies that once gave me a lot of joy but didn't anymore. If it doesn't align with who I am today, I don't have space for it. This is one of the reasons why I don't feel the need to own things anymore. 

How to adjust to a decluttered life

My interests, hobbies, and tastes are constantly changing, and if I were to buy everything I was into at that moment, I probably couldn't keep up with those expenses. So what's my solution? It's been fun and challenging to find ways to enjoy things without buying them. 

How to adjust to a decluttered life

I appreciate libraries, second-hand stores, clothing rental services, or any rental services. 

I still get the value out of the item, but once I'm done with it, I can return it for the next person to enjoy. 

Why do we have clutter?

Look around your space and ask yourself, are there things that are no longer a part of you? Maybe they are getting in the way of your growth.

Seeing all the things I decluttered, it was clear that I lived my life with a scarcity mindset, thinking if I didn't buy this now, I will never find another one just like it. If I don't have this, my life won't be quite the same.

This mindset is rooted in fear and anxiousness, and I noticed how small it made me and my world. I ended up getting rid of many serums and masks I bought because I didn't think my skin was good enough. The dress I didn't need but bought because it was on sale. I bought shoes, books, pots, and pans because I thought I would be missing out if I didn't.

I learned a huge lesson: material things can only be a temporary cover-up for what's truly missing in our lives. My word for this year is abundance. I want this to be at the center of all of my decisions, and I'm slowly finding out that abundance starts with contentment. 


Holding on to the past

A sense of peace comes over us when we realize that our past can never fully leave us. I let go of a lot of things from my past. Letters and notes from my childhood friends, souvenirs and knickknacks from family trips, and a few medals and trophies I've won in the past.

I didn't get rid of everything, but a lot of it. I went through my collection and handpicked the genuinely irreplaceable ones. 

Through the process, I realized I didn't need these things to remind me of those precious memories. They're all a part of who I am today. Sometimes I'll see, hear or smell something that triggers a certain time in my past, and I try to enjoy that moment. For me, this is enough. 

So look through your memory box, see what you're holding on to, and ask yourself why. Remember, that memory already has a permanent place within you.  

Living intentionally

For me, minimalism is not so much about living with less but more about living intentionally. It's about living a life designed with a purpose and in line with my values and beliefs. I knew that if I wanted to achieve this lifestyle, I had to get rid of the fillers of my life.

We all use filler words when trying to think of words to say; it's just a noise we make to fill in the gap. I noticed that I use a lot of fillers in different areas of my life. People I would casually chat with to pass the time.

Random decor pieces and plants to fill the emptiness, to-do lists that keep me busy without actually doing any work. The thing about fillers is that they don't move you in any way or provide a specific purpose. Not everything can be so meaningful, but getting rid of these fillers seemed like a pretty good start.  

Best ways to declutter

Sometimes what makes the biggest difference is not what we have but what we don't have. What have you found as the best ways to declutter? Share in the comments below.

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  • Ann Hanna Ann Hanna on Mar 23, 2023

    Starting to organize room by room makes me realize that I am keeping things that no longer serve me, so I am able to get rid of them. Saving memories becomes a habit and I tend to think I have to keep it ALL...I don't! As each room is done I feel as thorough I have lost 20 lbs and I can breathe! I still have a lot, but so much less, and so much more space and organization!! Woo-hoo!