Important Things to Declutter For 2023

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Do you want to declutter for 2023? Mia Danielle shares decluttering tips for the new year to make that fresh start as soon as possible. She believes that you need to look at two categories of items: the past and looking forward.

Here’s what she means:

The past:

Clear the past by evaluating items and relationships you’ve outgrown. You may have accumulated materials and equipment for old hobbies. It’s easy to hang on to these items by thinking “someday, I’ll get back into this,” but it never happens.

Toss outgrown shoes and clothes because holding on to items “just in case” is a waste of space. This is also the perfect time to ditch unused holiday decor, especially those broken lights and ornaments.

Honor the different events and stages in your life that have changed the types of products and belongings you need to use. It’s also time to let toxic relationships that drag you down dissolve out of your life, too.

Decluttering a home

Looking forward:

Release things so you can accept and embrace what’s coming. If you’re moving, let go of things, such as furniture and decor that won’t fit the new space or stage of life.

Don’t invest time and space in moving all of your old belongings. Just box up and unpack what you’ll truly need. Maybe you’re transitioning to a new job or day-to-day life so you can declutter old equipment and files.

What if you are expecting a new addition? That requires a lot of preparation around the house, such as getting rid of things that are not baby- or pet-friendly, for example.

Her last bit of advice is to pick a word that embodies what you want in the coming year, like “strength,” “ease,” or “resilience.” The word you choose will be a touchstone for your decluttering efforts.

Things to declutter for 2023

What items do you hope to declutter for 2023 so you can smoothly transition into the new year?

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To see more videos, check out the Mia Danielle YouTube channel.

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  • Joyce Joyce on Jan 06, 2023

    I love antiques and family heirlooms. I received good advice from a friend, while you are going through heirlooms or antiques, ask yourself "do I need this?" If not, ponder the memories or take a picture, then get rid of it.

  • Kytn Embree Kytn Embree on Jan 06, 2023

    My grams raised me and when she passed I took her kitchen table. It's now well over 80yrs old. When my gramps passed 8yrs ago I took his kitchen table.

    Growing up we spent most of our time at the kitchen tables either eating, prepping food, having coffee, playing games or just chit chatting so tons of sentimental attachment for me.

    I didn't have room for both so we shortened the legs on my grams table and use it as my coffee table, and because both sides drop down I'm able to put my crafting baskets underneath and when I'm crafting I can put up a side giving me extra space to work on.