Extreme Declutter Before & After: She Went From Hoarder to Minimalist

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There’s decluttering, and then there’s extreme decluttering. And the results are so impressive, you can hardly believe it unless you see it for yourself.

For anyone familiar with A to Zen Life, the extreme declutter before and after photos shared on that channel illustrate how anyone can go from hoarder to minimalist with just the right mindset.

After the death of their mother, this precious family started gathering all of her belongings in boxes in order to remember her by. And their emotions surrounding her death were collected in those boxes right along with them.

Fast forward years later, and her belongings—along with all of their own—were slowly starting to suffocate them.

And that’s when the daughter realized that saving all of this stuff wasn’t even necessary. It wasn’t going to make them rich some day, it wasn’t worth nearly as much as they always thought it would be, and it wasn’t worth holding onto for some later date that never seemed to come.

Extreme declutter

If you’re looking for the perfect example of extreme decluttering before and after, this one certainly takes the cake.

Because once her father also died, she ended up sobbing uncontrollably after realizing that she just didn’t have space for all of this stuff. So, naturally, she started storing items in various homes of other people she knew. And it took years for her to realize just how badly she needed an extreme decluttering project to set her free.

Luckily, getting married and starting her own family slowly made her realize what really matters in life. And a neighbor’s inspiration gave her the courage she needed to get started on her own decluttering journey.

Extreme declutter before and after

Nowadays, the influencer behind A to Zen Life inspires people around the world with the extreme declutter before and after story she shares with others.

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To see more videos, check out the A to Zen Life YouTube channel.

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