6 Areas to Declutter Before Christmas Arrives

Today, we're going to talk about which items we should declutter before Christmas.

I know what you’re thinking. You usually do all of your decluttering in January or later, during the more traditional spring cleaning time.

But there are some areas of your home that you can declutter now ahead of Christmas that might give you some extra money for the holidays as well as make space for the new stuff that will be coming into your home.

This is also a great way to give your home a little bit of a tidy-up ahead of visitors who might be coming over, making sure that everything is ready for them. It's also going to make it easier to clean and tidy within the Christmas period itself.

So it's really worth doing because it's going to make your life a little bit easier in the very busy time of year leading up to Christmas.

So here are six areas in your home that you need to declutter before the holidays.

1. Old toys

Decluttering toys before Christmas is such a brilliant idea. Anything that is broken or damaged can go in the bin or be recycled so you're not having extra stuff hanging around.

Any items that are no longer being played with are items that you could sell. Lots of people buy second-hand toys, especially for little ones because they don't need packaging.

Little kids don't really understand stuff like that, so you can buy second-hand toys easily. It's also going to help clear out some space for anything new that might come into your home as Christmas gifts.

Tidying toys away

2. Electronics

Second up is electronics, so this could be games, game consoles, appliances, laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. Anything like that is a great item to try and sell ahead of the Christmas period.

Lots of people want those kind of things and are looking for deals. This is a good opportunity to cash in on the things that you no longer want.

If you know that you're going to get an upgrade on something else then could you sell the old one? It just means that you're going to get some extra money in your pockets.

3. Christmas decorations

The third thing you want to do this time of year is to declutter Christmas decorations. So go through them now and think about what you want this year, what you're going to use, and what you're likely to use in future years, then get rid of anything else.

Selling them now is probably a really good time since most people want to put up their decorations in December and some people do put up their decorations now, so if you're getting your old items listed early enough, people will want those options.

4. Food

Number four is to go through your fridge and freezer, give them a good clean, and get rid of anything expired, opened for too long, or going moldy in the back.

Go through them now so that you are ready to stock up for your Christmas food ahead of the season and not having to find last-minute space to put things.

Just make sure you get rid of anything that is not going to be used anymore.

5. Dining table

Number five is the dining table. This is one that comes up quite a lot during my decluttering projects because it ends up being a dumping ground.

Getting that dining table cleared off regularly and keeping on top of it means that it'll be completely ready for the Christmas season. You need to think about why things are accumulating there.

Is it that you need a holding space for things? Could you find a way of making clutter more contained by having trays or baskets so that things can be dropped in them but put away as well?

Guest bedroom

6. Guest room

The last space to declutter before Christmas is the spare room, or guest room, if you've got one of those. This is going to be the space that you're going to use for visitors over the Christmas period, so make sure that it's ready by giving it a nice clear-out and getting the sheets ready.

Decluttering before the holidays

These are the six areas that you need to declutter before Christmas in order to clear out room in your home and make some extra money ahead of the buying season.

Where are you planning to start? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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