A 5-Step Guide to Decluttering Books With Your Kids

I love having an abundance of books. I love that my kids enjoy reading and looking at books. But, I realized our frequent outings to the library and coming home with bags of books was saving us money.

I started noticing our little home library had become less interesting to my kids thanks to the library being filled with endless books. So it was time to start decluttering books at home. Here are a few simple steps on how to declutter children’s books and organize them at home.

Sorting through children's books with your kids

1. Sort

Sort through all the books. Let your children help so they know which books you’re giving away, donating, or selling, and which ones they may want to keep.

Creating piles of books

2. Create separate piles

Create three different piles for the books. Here are the piles I create: keep, give away, and sell.

Selling children's books online

3. List and sell

List the themed-set books you want to sell. I usually list them for sale on Facebook Marketplace and I’ve had great success.

Donating books

4. Donate

Find a great place to give away books. We like to place the books that my kids no longer use in a cardboard box, then we drive to the nearest neighborhood where there’s a little free library and leave them.

We love the concept of “take a book, share a book.” You can see if there’s a little free library near you by visiting LittleFreeLibary.org.

Decluttering books with your kids

5. Stay minimal

Libraries do help you to stop buying new books. Put the rest into small baskets or bins to keep the books neat and accessible. 

Decluttering books with your kids

Decluttering books is like decluttering anything else. You have to sort and purge them. Let me know what you did with your children’s books when they outgrew them! 

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