How to Declutter Your Home & Tackle the Hidden Areas

I want to share some ideas on how to declutter your home. I have been on my decluttering journey for a while. Some parts have been more challenging, other parts have been easier. I want to share some of what I have learned so you know, if you are struggling with decluttering your home, you are not alone.

1. Hidden layers

One of the techniques I employed was the layer method. I worked through different categories starting with the easiest decisions. I started going through some hidden layers. These included things packed away in boxes that I had completely forgotten about.

I found old briefcases and travel bags filled with stuff I don’t even know why I saved. When would I ever need my old papers from college? There was plenty of stuff that was clearly trash, and easy to let go of.

Despite the fact that most of these things were not in my visual line of sight, getting rid of them really did make me feel good. If you’re putting off going through old boxes that aren’t bothering you because they are tucked somewhere you don’t notice them, I encourage you to go through them.

Odds are most of that stuff is trash and will be easy to get rid of. You’d be surprised how good it feels to clear that stuff out, even if it wasn’t something you didn’t see on a regular basis. Clearing it out can provide you with a real sense of accomplishment.

How to declutter your home

It took me by surprise to see how gratifying this was. I didn’t think storing these things had any impact on me because they were out of my view, so I didn’t give them any thought. Going through these old things I realized this stuff was so old, it had no value anymore. Getting them out of the house, being free of them, felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m so glad I finally took care of it.

I've realized through this whole experience that I don’t need much. I have so much more than I need. Having so much excess blocks the view of the things that I do need. It also takes up the space where the things I need should go.

Often, when our homes are cluttered, we leave the things we use out and lying around. The stuff that fills our cabinets, closets, and drawers are the things that we're not using. These things are taking the place of where the things we use should go.

Go through those hidden spaces. When you see things you have not used in a long time or forgot you even had, get rid of them. This will free up cabinet and closet space for the things you use. Preserving our storage spaces for the things we use makes it simple to keep things organized and put away. It also makes it easier to find those things when we need them.

I didn’t even realize how much the visual clutter was bothering me until I cleared out the excess. My home has become so much more relaxing. It’s so pleasant to walk into a room that doesn’t have anything sitting out.

Cluttered space

2. Saturday pants

I recently went through my kids’ old clothes with them to see what we could get rid of. There were lots of clothes that no longer fit and that was easy to donate and get out of the house. There were also things that they didn’t really like anymore, but I told them to hold onto a couple of those things to use as what I call ‘Saturday pants.’

Sometimes they need clothes they can ruin. When they’re playing in the yard or making art projects they need to wear clothes that can get dirty. That’s why I had them keep some clothes that weren’t so special but still fit.

As I was going through some of my clothes, I was finding that I still have clothes that I am not crazy about. They fit. They are comfortable. I just don't feel my best in them. I decided to take the advice I gave my kids and keep these things as my Saturday pants. I can wear them while gardening or painting.

If we get rid of all of those things and keep only the things that really make us feel good, we're going to mess up our good stuff and then we're going to need more stuff. The last thing we want is more stuff. So I suggest keeping some old clothes.

Sorting items to declutter

3. Temptation to fill our spaces

We tend to want to fill the space we have. I think that's where a lot of this clutter comes from. When you were young and starting your first home, you wanted to fill the rooms. You wanted to put things on the walls. When people move into bigger houses, they want to fill those rooms and fill those walls.

As we move through life, we bring a lot of things in, but we don't take a lot out. We don't even notice all that clutter around us. It just becomes part of our normal environment.

If you can declutter the stuff in your line of sight, and you can empty those rooms, empty those walls, the freedom that feeling brings is so wonderful. I don't even know if I can describe it. You have to experience it yourself.

I encourage you to try this with one room. Maybe start with your bedroom or a room that you're in a lot. Experience what it feels like to declutter that room. It will inspire you to continue on this decluttering path.

How to declutter your home

I'm not saying this is going to be easy. Some parts will be very difficult. Hit that easy stuff first. Get rid of the hidden stuff that clearly doesn't serve you anymore. Start experiencing some of this freedom decluttering offers.

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